Mike Kelly

As I believe I stated in some other thread, Mike Kelly looks like either:

(a) a no-nonsense, take no prisoners, shoot from the hip kind of take-charge guy; or

(b) the second coming of Jeff Reinebold.

Well, here's Steve Simmons, Toronto Sun, on Kelly:

"Mike Kelly must be some kind of idiot. How else do you explain the new coach of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers tripping all over his own words while taking shots at the former general manager Brendan Taman? Taman, for the record, brought Geroy Simon, Arland Bruce and Charles Roberts, among others, to Canada. What, pray tell, has Kelly done? "

[url=http://www.torontosun.com/sports/columnists/steve_simmons/2009/02/01/8221731-sun.html]http://www.torontosun.com/sports/column ... 1-sun.html[/url]

lol and who traded Geroy and Roberts??

And how long has Kelly been here he hasn't even hit Free Agent Market yet what is he suppose to bring in.

He's trying to be like a), but with a little help from the press, is being made out to look like b).

;;;All i'm going to say about Mike is... for the Bombers, its about time...My take...Let's see ,the joker Taman, walks on the team at a crucial point in signing fas'..and the media in the Peg, trip all over themselves, giving Brendan the high marks...Wake up guys....he walked on the team....and if that gets you praise and sympathy cuz a guy coming in the door rattles a few cages by telling you the cupboard is bare...too bloody bad..It's about time this Wpg. media got a shake-up...cuz right now in my mind they reek...If they like and admire Taman so much ...then join him...He no longer has anything to do with the Wpg. Blue Bombers...message to the local scribes and media guys...Go and cover the Sask. Riders...seems like that's where you belong anyway...I hope Kelly keeps the door closed on ya...cuz he sure ain't getting any favours, from the likes of you, by leaving it open :oops: :thdn: What a bloody disgrace on welcoming a new coach .. :thdn: I hope Mike Kelly turns this team into a Bud Grant type contender and leaves the media moguls with egg all over their face/...........There that feels better ...got that off my chest.... :expressionless:

Easy there papa…overload on caffeine this morning?

Your not being fair here Papa.

1-Taman was demoted.
2=Bauer meddled in football affairs and hired "a Buddy" not even the most qualified guy for the job, just an assistant who's been toiling around the league for over a decade.
3-Kelly's comments about BT prove Taman made the right decision as Kelly's comments are proof the man was being setup and pushed to quit.
4- Considering that Kelly thinks Taman did a lousy job recruiting the existing Bomber roster, Kelly and Bauer will have to take responsability for the team they field this year. Had Taman stayed they would have used him as the scapegoat.

It's Kelly's and Bauer's team solely now...Elvis has left the building....

Well, the full coaching staff has been announced:

[url=http://www.winnipegsun.com/sports/football/2009/02/02/8236756.html]http://www.winnipegsun.com/sports/footb ... 36756.html[/url]

Rick Campbell is going to be special teams and secondary coach....................

And Kelly will be both head coach and offensive coordinator.

.....For anyone really interested in 'what Kelly is all about' go to the Wpg. Sun site and click on Kellys plans....This guy has great presence and shares some of his positive ideas for 09....He also straightened out a few rumours....Canada is still a Bomber and is NOT due a bonus, unlike like the bogus line that is going around....He has concerns about the O line and comes across lke a straight-shooter, to me....I guess his 20 years in and around the coaching game gives him a lot of confidence in the people he has chosen and the position he has foisted on himself....It looks like we have a competent guy at the helm....finally... Gaining something through the fa market is his next priority ,he says....Putting wins on the board the next one...Anyone who sells this guy short better have another look....heh heh... :wink: :smiley:

...My take on the coaches....They look like a competent bunch, ..My only concern was with Rick Campbell...However he does bring a lot of experience (the Milt' lesson will always be invaluable :lol: )...also, his dad might give us a heads-up on some talent and send it our way...ya just never know... :wink: :smiley:

Excellent posts Papa, seems people are blinded by there own crazy idea’s about Kelly and the Coaching crew that they are forgetting that Kelly has a PROVEN WINNING track record since his days here with the Bombers in the 1990’s. Kelly (and his new staff) bring alot of STRONG football knowledge, passion and the RIGHT ATTITUDE to WIN, regardless of his comments being made public, that just proves he is not messing around with this club.

All his comment were blown out of proportion anyway’s, he did what any smart coach/GM would do and that is speak to the player first (in this case Kevin Glenn) and then go public, strategy to get as much as they can for him, and smart strategy!! Someone stated in a post that we had a dumb coach with a big mouth last 2 years in Berry. There is a big difference, Berry just said what he wanted to say, when he wanted to say it, without even talking to the player first, just shows that Kelly is a FAIR and STRAIGHT UP kinda guy.

b ) would be the answer.

Kelly appears no different than Berry with his yap. I am concerned that no other team took an interest in Kelly's services. Especially Edmonton. Another concern is Kelly is a longtime friend of Bauer. Big mistake hiring a friend. One good thing about this hiring is if Kelly does not pan out than Bauer will be gone, which is long overdue. I don't see any improvement in the team in free agent signings. He dumped all over Taman. So far his influence has made squat in signing high profile free agents. His presence won't make much of a difference.

You are aware, aren't you, that free agency doesn't commence until mid February? If Kelly was talking to potential free agents now, it'd be tampering.

How many other teams in the league employee full time quality control coaches on offense and defense ?

This is a great, and well overdue, idea. These guys assist the other coaches, but their main role is to, scout the other teams and provide reports to the OC and DC on their tendencies and how to attack them.

...you can't be serious ....it goes on all the time......example ..'apparently' ...and i'll go with the term apparently... ..the Cats are already to announce the signing of Murphy of the leos....and i'll bet Ritchie Hall has had a few conversations with M. Lloyd ... someone must have had a conversation with someone... :wink: :wink: c'mon MadJack... :lol:

....you don't believe Edm. was interested in Kelly...lo lol. they were falling all over themselves to keep his services....Why would he stay in a lesser position, when the work in the Peg was far superior...... :lol: :lol:

if you read the my rant...and especially the last words.... ...I had a scoop already for the local media guys and they blew it.. :roll:

Tongue was firmly in cheek, papa.........I also recall Barrin Simpson signing with you guys like about 30 seconds after he officially became a f/a, and I'll never believe that he and Taman worked out a contract in 30 seconds............

Its very simple.

You get the agent's name or the phone number registered at the CFL office and you call and say Hello this is baldy from the Blue Bombers we are updating our records in preparation for February 16th. and want to make sure we have accurate data. Thank you !

Like everything else that governs business in the CFL its murky and dark :slight_smile:

...tempered-tampering , I calls it....... ( a form of tampering) lol ...we aren't gonna get on the merry-go-round on this one are we, MadJack........ :lol: :lol: :lol:

You and me? Never.