Mike Kelly to QB Bombers next week

After deciding Bishop's performance unacceptable, MK assumes QB duties in addition to everyone else's:_

He just doesn't get it! MK can't do it alone--he might not be able to even coach, let alone be GM -he ran Taman out of town, told Khari "no thanks," selfishly said he wanted to be QB coach & OC LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

He's created his own disaster and upcoming nervous breakdown.

Shhh!!!! He might hear you!

A prime candidate for worst coach of all time

His decisions regarding the assumption of multiple roles are eerily similar (hell, who's kidding who, they're identical) to those made by both Matt Dunigan and Jim Popp in the same situations as new or nearly-new head coaches. We all know how the head coaching gig worked out for those two.

It's an interesting contrast to the same decisions (and the corresponding results) of other new head coaches to come into the league in the last few years (Austin, Hufnagel and Trestman), all of whom surrounded themselves with lots of help - good coaches and coordinators.

I think that Kelly misunderstood....Retro week doesnt mean using a 1962 playbook.

For some strange reason I have this feeling that KELLY will bring a GREY cup to Winnipeg.

That was perfectly good OJ that you made me spit out :expressionless:

Maybe after he hires a spy to steal it for him and bring it to his office. Other then that....

I tried to call Kelly but his greeting says he is out performing Rocket Surgery :slight_smile:

I thought he was going to handle the non-issue internally.

Hopefully his medical reference isn't the same vintage as his playbook...

Step 1: remove chainmail

Step 2: apply leeches to affected area

I see you have your game keyboard on :slight_smile:

To the lament of many Bomber fans, Kelly makes it pretty easy....

Mike is a good friend of mine! Find it quite sad the way you are all ganging up on him. Let me go out on a limb, Mike Kelly will go on to be coach of the year THIS YEAR! Bombers will win 8 of their last 11 games, that`s right, Bombers only lose 3 more games> You can take that to the bank!

Guys, just a quick reminder, this board is for Winnipeg fans to come and discuss their team, and if others want to discuss the Bombers in a respectful manner, that’s fine. But coming in and criticizing the team or the coach, etc., isn’t acceptable. You can do that in the main CFL board.

friends. That is why our team is in trouble. Bauer hired a close personal friend. Mike Kelly may be a good person. But as a fan it appears that he is not qualified to be a head coach. Bombers win 8 of their last 11 games. I wish it were true. But you are dreaming. Bauer will not open up the vault and have an airlift of NFL cuts coming our way. The offense needs to be gutted. Face it. Things are just getting worse for this team as we play each game. Even Doug Berry had a better team than this. Berry was also a better coach.

Ok.... Nurse !

Berry had a good football mind, I'll give him that. But as a head coach, he wasn't very good. I think Kelly is a better head coach, he just isn't doing very well as an OC. Then again I could be completely wrong too, but I think I'm gonna hold off until he gets some help with the offense and them see.