Mike Kelly to make a return to the CFL ?

I think the the Professor is about to make his return :cowboy:

Winnipeg ? Edmonton ? Toronto ? Montreal ?

What makes you think that?
I don't want to create a firestorm on this but I've always felt bad for him. He just loved being the HC in Winnipeg. Loved the city and football. I always got the feeling he thought he had a bank of goodwill there that would weather his gaffes. But not to be.

Lots of football people like Dunigan, H Campbell and others think he is or was a good coach.
I hope he does make it back.

Slant, I was never a fan of the guy's coaching, but as to this:

I could not agree with you more.

Oh I know Madjack. He is not liked on here. I'm pretty solitary on this.

The one area that I liked was his attempt to have the QB line up directly behind centre, not in the shotgun. He was stubborn in this and abandoned the shotgun entirely to his mocked detriment.

But the tight formation allowed for a better run game and quick slants, quick rollouts. I remember Buono, when BC offense was being criticized, said everyone runs the same stuff except Winnipeg. Kind of an odd comment.

I've never been sure why everyone uses shotgun exclusively. Especially with some of the floater snaps that drift back there that really allow defenses to tee off.

And there's nothing wrong in that slant, even though many will not agree with you.

Heck, I am the one who always predicted great things for Quarterback Stanley Jackson as Mrs MadJack delights in reminding me. . .

....If I'm not mistaken, Kelly applied for a position with the leos recently...Obviously he wasn't hired...He keeps trying though...Tough to say if he'll ever resurface but I'm almost certain in won't be in the Peg :wink:

IMO that's what his calling cardis. He's very good at crafting an offense that can run the ball. Ottawa returning has created a shortage of experienced guys and there are four teams right now that still have positions to fill on their staff on the offensive side of the ball so its not wonder that one or more teams are mining and looking into "The Professor"

Montreal: Offensive Coordinator,Quarterback Coach possibly a running back coach.
Edmonton: Receiver Coach (The Board blocked the hiring of Kevin Strasser)
Toronto: Offensive line and running back coach
Winnipeg:Quarterback Coach and Offensive line coach
BC: Has BC replaced Chapdelaine ?

For myself I did not like how he treated people in Winnipeg but he seems to have mellowed out and taken responsability for coming unglued.

Yup -Khari Jones

Where did you hear that Strasser was even offered a job in E?



to heck with Mike Kelly.. go get Mike Riley.


Well slant, I for one agree with you. I always liked Kelly and still do. In hindsight he was like Winnipeg's version of Rob Ford. I like Ford too !