Mike Kelly speaks


An interesting article...

Two things... first, even if the Bombers had won the last game, I'm sure people still would've criticized him. He gave people more than enough ammunition. Second, he may want to coach again, but I hope to hell Edmonton isn't dumb enough to take him back. After his disastrous stint in Winnipeg, I don't want him anywhere near my team.

He's giving a whole new meaning to "visualization" :lol:

Mike Kelly speaks.... so what else is new? The guy wasn't famous for keeping his mouth closed.And just to clear things up baldy, you were really heavily focused on BECAUSE YOU BROUGHT THE ATTENTION ON YOURSELF BY RUNNING YOUR MOUTH 24/7.That win probably wouldn't have helped your case.Don't spy on teams, shut your hole and focus on winning games, that's usually a pretty good way to keep your job.

someone probably will hire kelly as coach again. wouldnt surprise me at all.

but... who really cares. this is old news. dude was fired last year 2009, its now 2010. who cares. let it die. we all know what happened and yes kelly is to blame, but at the same time, the wpg media is to blame aswell for egging the guy on.

but again.. who gives a crap.

its best if we just forget about mike kelly.

17000 ++ season ticket holders did.

Gotta agree with you there, Killer.

Nothing to see here folks, move along now. . .

I think he has a better shot replacing Simon Cowel on American Idol...

Kelly's level of delusion is sad. Leaving aside the domestic dispute, the truth of which we'll probably never know -- if he had to complete a course in counselling before getting the charges dropped, he likely wasn't innocent as he now claims -- the man was just brutal in every way, shape, and form last season. He was a PR disaster. He attacked the media. Alienated his own players. Continually put his foot in his mouth. Didn't take responsibility for tough decisions. Went out of his way to embarrass other coaches (shotgun is for flag football), but only embarrassed himself with his pitiful popgun offense that needed Michael Bishop parachuted in midseason just so it could be mediocre. Brought in a noodle-arm, anointed him the starter, then threw him under the bus when he couldn't work in the Professor's bullcrap system.

And he's sitting there on OTR talking about how he did good things in Winnipeg? Bah. He set the Bombers back one year with his nonsense.

Go back to teaching, Mike. Your coaching day came and went in the '90s.

I wonder if Lyle will have a spot for him in Cowtown when the Bombers finish paying out his contract ?

I agree with pretty much everyone else. There were plenty of football-related reasons to show Kelly the door, and push him through it if need be. I don't want to hear any more of his "rocket surgery."

........'WHAT DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND ABOUT THE SITUATION.......it's being handled internally....next question please and

if you don't like my statement...there's the door......lazy asses ':twisted: ............. :lol: :lol:

According to Hellard and Forzani. Bauer has ZERO management rights in to the "football operations". So hiring Kelly would kind of negate those comments I think.

This looked like a "favor" by Michael Landsberg more than anything else. The only claim Mike Kelly had was that they had put together a team that was more sms friendly and we are finding out now that is just not the case. Smoke and mirrors and a Gong show all in one. Joe Paopao has a better shot at coaching pro again.

Kelly and Tillman should start their own little scouting company IMO.

Coach Kelly made a fatal error, upon his hiring as HC, that was not committed by the other new HC’s at the same time (Miller, Hufnagel, Trestman, Bellefeuille, and Andrus). None of the other HC’s shot off at the mouth and made claims BEFORE their team even played a game. The other HC’s displayed humility and were guarded in what they said. Until Kelly learns to eat humble pie and thinks before he speaks, he’ll continue to make a donkey of himself.

Exactly, and this is what rubbed me the wrong way about Kelly since day one: his unearned arrogance. He was over a decade removed from being anything more than a position coach and he was talking smack about the rest of the league, stating that anyone who used shotgun didn't know how to coach QBs properly. He embarrassed himself, and he embarrassed the CFL. Don Matthews was a cocky s.o.b. but he earned that cockiness by being one of the winningest coaches in CFL history. Kelly talked the talk, but he couldn't walk the walk.

...get used to it killerisme, years later my team still pays dearly for the federik nightmare, your's will likely do the same for the kelly nightmare...

Yeah....I for one don't want to see Mike Kelly back in the league. He can go coach college ball if he wants.

Don't say that. College kids shouldn't be subject to Mike Kelly. That just wouldn't be fair.

I'd have no problem if Edmonton picked him up as head coach. Same goes for Calgary or Saskatchewan.