Mike Kelly says AC has no arm , can't throw deep.

Well Winnipeg is coming to town and Doctor Evil said on his weekly show that while AC is adequate he can't throw deep. So let's show Mike Kelly what AC and the Als can do. PLEASE :slight_smile:

As if we needed his trash-talk to motivate our team....can't wait to see Kojak get the boot....

More nonsense from the mouth of Dr. Evil, but sad to say, he has a point. Calvillo can't throw the ball deep, at least not this year. When was the last time A.C. threw it long and hit a receiver in stride without the receiver having to break off, wait, and come back to the ball? I don't think that's happened on any pass longer than 25 yards this season.

To off-set this, I'd really like to see Trestman develop a deep-ball package for McPherson which can be run in QB sneak situations. If opposing defenses don't know whether McPherson will hand off, sneak, or go deep, it really puts them in a bind.

In our first game against Saskatchewan, we had success because we used formation trickery to create breakdowns in Riders' deep coverage (remember Cahoon lining up as a tight end, then releasing into the flat drawing two DBs and leaving Watkins wide open for the TD?). That's the kind of scheming we'll need against Winnipeg, who will be much tighter this week following the humiliation of the Banjo Bowl.

Yeah sure would be nice to have a guy like Bishop who can throw it 80 yards :wink: :roll: Hey Mike ? :lol:

How about Sunday with the 30 yard pass to Watkins on the game winning drive? Or the week before that on the 35 yard pass to Richardson on the opening play?

Thats especially exciting when the reciever is 30 yards downfield!!!!!!

This from the coach of the worst team in the league…
Kelly is a toad, He would stand on his head and spit nickles if he thought it would get AC on his team.

Check the plays again. In both instances, the receiver was unable to make the catch in stride and keep running and had to come back to the ball to make the catch. In each case, if Calvillo had been able to hit the receiver in stride, the play might have gone for a TD.

Please don't think I'm ragging on Anthony. I have the utmost respect for him, and it will be a sad day for all Als fans when he finally retires. But there's no use hiding the truth: he can't go deep very effectively anymore. If the other team doesn't bust a coverage, it's unlikely that Calvillo will be able to complete those long bombs.

Actually I just did check,
Maybe they were not in stride but they definitely did not go back for the ball.

They were also not called plays either where AC could step back and plant before the throw.

That being said. sure he has lost a couple of yards. He is 37 years old. What he lost in arm strength, he has more than made up for in experience.

It definitely will be a sad day when he calls it a career, hopefully not before he breaks Allen's records.

That's as cool one RO.... ! Can I use it :slight_smile:

Funny thing is Buono said a few weeks ago how Calvillo could do it all and still make all the throws


Kelly said the guy has no arm...

Who between these two guys would you trust with QB evaluation :lol:

Could explain why someone gave away the farm for Lefors...

Its all yours!
Which part are ya talking about

That's the difference between the winningest coach in the league
And the losingest coach in the league

This coming from a guy who insisted on LeFors being the starter in Winnipeg...

Which part are ya talking about

He would stand on his head and spit nickles if he thought it would get AC on his team


I thought maybe it was the “toad” part! :smiley:

Its all yours!

Personaly I think he looks more like a tadpole with bo obs

Tony has had some issues throwing the deep ball. Tony throws more of line drive passes deep.

I think the issue is with Tony's footwork, he has to step into the throw and have better foot placement and mechanics. He certainly can throw a deep pass. I believe his footwork is off and he is looking at the pass rush--

When he does throw deep its not a smooth release, he needs to throw more ARCH on some of his passes. He threw some nice corners deep to Richardson at BC----

Tony is struggling hitting watkins in stride which he should be able to do--

Kelly is a clown, if he is complaining about tony not being able to throw Deep , what about Kelly's prized QB LEFORS?

Kelly said Calvillo was one of the 3 decent QB's in the league and everyone else was similar and then he said Calvillo could throw dep but was getting it done and then he mentionned Ricky Ray finds ways to get it done and then added Burris but didn't comment.

I'm like Ro I've seen Calvillo, The last time Calvillo was throwing this well was 2002.

One thing we can all agree on: Mike Kelly is a world-class douche who would sell his left testicle to have a QB of Calvillo's caliber on his team.