Mike Kelly reaction to todays loss.

I was just surfing the spy's web page to see their reaction to today's loss in Montreal.
Apparently the peg fans are not happy with their head coach.
Listen to his response to questions after the game today.

http://www.cjob.com/sports/local/story.aspx?id=1160423 8)

Mike Kelly is bad for the Bombers and the entire CFL period. Thank god we have never had a complete tool like him running our team/ We have come close but never this bad

Bart Andres of the Argos probably gets the tool award this yr.


typical kelly response...

no wonder some professional players act like buffoons when they have coaches who lack discipline..

you lose you lose... and you treat the media with maturity....

gee! I wonder how Kelly would have weathered Ticats fans had he been here as our coach during the last few years...

yiikes. :o :oops: :o .. banish that thought... thats worse than seeing "Paranormal Activity" at the movies and without the vertigo...


I actually feel for Kelly. The abuse he has taken this year from fans and media alike I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. The fact he lost it doesn't surprise me

Na... Andrus is incompetent NOT a Jerk.

Ps dont tell it to Arland. :wink:

When Kelly was hired the whole city was eccstatic, treated him like a prince. He brought all of this on to himself.

Nope, this looks like the same type of wild overreaction we see here in Hamilton.

What a wanker. :stuck_out_tongue:

What bothers me most about Kelly is his total lack of accountability.

He's all "raw raw, this is my team and my operation" but when they lose, he does nothing but dodge questions and treat people like garbage. Why so defensive? You lost, face the music.

Mike Kelly doesn't know that his players weren't looking ahead. The media knows just as much as he does about the inner-workings of his players because he's not them and the media is not out of line in speculating.

This guy will be unemployed soon and will likely stay that way

Apparently you set something off because I had to write a piece on this

[url=http://blog.rogersbroadcasting.com/urciuoli/2009/11/02/mike-kelly-back-on-the-defense/]http://blog.rogersbroadcasting.com/urci ... e-defense/[/url]

Great article, I couldn't have said it better myself. I was watching to see everyone's reaction to this thread. After 60 or so views no one commented. I am sure no one wanted to start something for Peg to feed on. However it is nice to know how their coach reacted to a straight forward question. I know if it was my team, I would have been the first to take the blame for the loss. Not Mike Kelly, he just seems to lack that kind of class.


Oh man! I love it! I felt sorry for the guy he handed the phone to! He was like "oh wow how do i respond after that". But I do believe hethe second guy redeemed the team by talking positively! Its not like the Radio personal is anything like the Newspaper media! He is probably a fan of the bombers! And its not like he asked a rude question, just basically asked if he thinks the team lost concentration, in wake of the game Vs Hamilton! He scares me, He's going to end somebodys career with a player with the same attitude as him, he will tell him to go hurt somebody! Shame on you Mike Grow some and step up!

Well Irving and his guest suggested they kept gas in the tank for next week (trying to get people to focus on the next game instead of this car wreck) and Kelly took it to mean his team had no heart. The guys does not have the people skills to be "in charge" and as we saw early in the year he also may not have the skillset to design a working offense...

This is great news to the Ticats, they are relatively healthy for the time of year, the home advantage is largely negated by the fact the Bombers have a short week and their team just got dismantled, their special teams broken, Bishop aiming at the advertisements and bleachers again , Hefney, Johnson are hurt, Bishop's groin prevents him from escaping and a coach who's going to be in a steam bath all week playing sudden death football at home ! What more can the Ticats ask for on the road !?


I can't stand Kelly but I actually don't entirely blame him. He did say his team was beaten, taken to the woodshed. That was true, and in my view it was enough.

In response to a pretty silly line of questioning about how maybe his team wasn't focused on the game, he reacted sharply and got off the line. That was an overreaction for sure. Then the reporters started in on this bit about how they weren't actually saying that the team wasn't focused, just that they didn't look like they were focused (too fine a distinction if you ask me...).

What was Kelly supposed to say? ... that "yes it's true, the team wasn't focused and should have been", or maybe (in light of the strict meaning of the questions as carefully defined by the reporters) "you're right, our team didn't look like they were focused, I should have prepared them better so they would have looked more like they were focused, at least to you guys. It's my job as head coach to make sure they always look focused, whether they actually are or not, and I take responsibility as coach for them not looking focused."

I think Kelly's assessment was about right.... his team got whipped, pure and simple. The questions about how they looked were just trying to stir up the pot and complicate that simple reality. If anything, that's probably what he should have said.

As Bobby Dobbs (Calgary head coach in the early 1960s) used to say: "You win some, you lose some, and once in a while you tie."

Kelly must be horrible to play for, he,s way to UP when they win and way to Down when they lose, Cant wait for his response to their next loss next game LMAO Ticats will be 9 and 9 this time next week and Marcel will be named Coach of the Year :stuck_out_tongue: , while Kelly will probably end up as a O line coach in ncaa teir 3 :twisted:

Exactly. They were already hanging the Bombers grey cup champs of '09 banners. Then Kelly says stupid thing after stupid thing, makes stupid transaction after stupid transaction, loses and calls the Bomber fans fairweather because they didn't feel like kissing this guys feet anymore, sends spies that get caught at our practice, doesn't hone up to it, instead says over and over snapping at the media "It's a non-issue! It was handled internally and I don't wanna talk about it!", for a while during his losing streak he cancelled the call in show they had after the games, really professional. Any other coach would've kept going and just tried to tell the fans that they're trying their best and always will. And of course, let's not forget the incident after yesterday's game. The guy is the absolute least professional coach in CFL history, nuff said.

equal to John Hoard(sp) IMO :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue:

Kelly's reaction was a deliberately contrived farce.
It's timing is no coincidence.
The team is facing its biggest game of the year but are coming off a humilating loss and might have some significant injuries. Kelly knows the focus has to be shifted from the team so what could be better than another hissy fit?

Its time WPG media and fans called his bluff.