Mike Kelly radio broadcast.

Just finished listening to the MK radio show live from Winnipeg.
His plan to win Sunday?

  1. Think more about themselves than the opposition this wk., he claims they have a good understanding of Gibson's offense.
  2. Make Glenn feel uncomfortable on Sunday.
  3. MK says Arland doesn't run a complete passing tree? What ever that is. They plan on grabbing, etc to slow him down. Sounds like pass interference to me.
  4. De Adra Cobb is their other concern.

Funny I can think of 20 or so other players they need to worry about. Go get em Cats! Eat em RAW!!!
Doc 8)

This game is huge ...even bigger than Kelly's ego.

Big ego, no brains. What a dynmaic combo.

They gave that clown a radio show :lol: :lol: :lol:

I think you're lost..

I guess trolls are bad with directions to the right forum.


Wonder if I can get a podcast of it, I need major lulz in the morning commute to work!

I'll give you a rundown sammy (not that I've heard it). I'm sure it goes something like this...

"It's a non-issue. It's being handled internally. I'm not talking about that"
"The team was focussed on this game and all this talk about not being focussed is BS. Don't tell me what we were focussed on"

There you go. I saved you some time.

Lmao …the guys an idiot with an ego . Maybe split personality disorder .