Mike Kelly pulls an Armstrong LOL!

I wish this move was done last year, or the year before. The callers were the worst part of that show - and Kelly was fed up with the lousy questions and continuous insults. I AM A LISTENER and I stopped tuning in because of the callers. They didn't have opinions - they were just loud mouthed idiots that somehow got their noses our of joint when Kelly would fight back. These same idiots called in last year and Berry was polite about it - but the show was just as bad and dragged out.

LAST NIGHT - Best coaches show in 2 years or more! They talked football, went through 12 - 15 questions. Some emails, some direct Bob Irving questions and some from the people at the upper deck where the show is done. It was informative, entertaining, light hearted - just plain GOOD!

Good riddence to the idiots that used to call in week after week. Now we can listen to some real football talk! Great move by the Bombers and Kelly. Thanks to CJOB for finding a compromise.

Hfxtc and all the other non Bomber fans - why are you guys so personally offended by what's going on in Winnipeg? Just a question because I really don't understand your animosity towards Kelly and the Bombers. He's not the coach of your team so why do you care? All you do is come on the Bomber boards and insult the Bomber organization or start negative Bomber threads - I mean really what's the point? We get it, you don't like Kelly!

Nobody cares what you and the other trolls have to say. Try something new , like talking about the game.

Agree 100% . You actually get to hear Kelly talk about the Bombers and football. Not having morons call up and ask about his record at Valdosta state and call him names. Real Football and Bomber fans will like the change.

Kelly is a wuss who can dish it out but can't take it (criticism). Bomber fans should boycott all home games at the stadium until he and bauer are gone for good.

Want to chat with these bozos? Try calling the BB front office (posting emails to individuals who didn't request them to be posted isnt' cool man - R&W)

Kelly said anybody is welcome to come to the upper deck sports bar and ask him face to face a question. What more do you want ? Go there next Monday . You boycott your team in the CFL , you won't have one to boycott the next. Real fans stick with their team through thick and thin. Look at the Cub fans, have not won in over 100 years. There fan support is unwavering. The Bombers just hammered the Lions and people still crying. this team wasn't going to the Grey Cup this year no matter who was in charge. Hopefully the foundation is being layed for the next year.

I read somewhere (not from a Winnipeg source) that the Bombers and Riders head coaches are the only coaches in the CFL with a coach’s show that’s longer than 5 minutes. Do other head coaches in the CFL have radio or television shows?

Its our league, he may be the coach of the Bombers but so far he has done a lot of things that impact how the CFL is perceived. It took over a decade for the CFL to re-establish itself after the US expansion and it still today has challenges with credibility in certain markets. No one has made more headlines this year than Kelly and they were almost all negative.

Also there are many, many Bomber fans who have had their fill with Mike Kelly allready.

Maybe it is not in their contract. It is in Mike Kelly's

According to Knuckles...only Winnipeg and Regina have 'coaches shows'...

Frankly, I enjoyed this latest episode of the show much more than before...no one yelling or raggin on each other, and more talk about football, which to me is what I'm interested in. I could care less what the coach said 6 months ago when he got here, or why he's not interested in Scott Regimbald or Joe Fleming, or what his coaching record was in the NCAA. I care about Bomber Football, and tune in to here questions and answers about the team currently. I don't give a damn if the questions are from callers or emailers...

If I want anymore crap out of Coach Kelly, I'll go to the Upper Deck and squeeze his head (sh*t oozes out :oops: ) He should write a book, How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. This is his first and last year as a CFL head coach--he makes Berry look likeable in comparison.

As for being "True Blue," until we get Bauer and Kelly out of the front office, the Bombers will continue to stink out every stadium in the CFL and we deserve better than that. Sometimes you have to prune off the rotting branches to produce fruit. No Grey Cup win in how many years?!?

I'm not saying we should stop watching Bomber games--what I am saying is that we should vote with our wallets and STOP going to home games (watch it on the internet or satellite), STOP purchasing overpriced jerseys and hats (get knockoffs)--in other words, speak in a way that we CANNOT be ignored.

Bauer only cares about the bottom line--he already has his Grey Cup ring. If the Bombers start losing money and there's no one one in the stands, Bauer and his pukey sidekick Mike Kelly will be run out of town. We LB started the Never Alone program, no one expected that Bauer wanted to take the Bombers with him (crude comment, I know). However, if he died tomorrow, new life would spring up in Bomberland. The Bombers are terminally ill and will never win a Grey Cup as long as Lyle Bauer is running the show. Mike Kelly is a manifestation of Bauer's lack of football smarts--what should we expect from a punchdrunk lineman?

Would you be kind enough to confirm that you are a Bomber fan?


Would you be kind enough to take a flying leap?


Thanks for the information, Kubie. I completely agree with you regarding Monday's show. There were a lot of good questions and it was far from the lovefest people were saying it would be. It certainly seemed like Bob Irving was the one who chose the questions and I don't believe he would not ask the tough ones. Irving is too much of a pro to do that.

Apocalypse2014, taking revenue from the team by not buying tickets or gear will do more harm than good IMO. The Bombers are already on a tight budget. Having less revenue isn't going to make the situation better. It will just mean they can't sign players who will improve the team.

Fair enough but I don't really think Kelly has done anything that would truly affect how the average fan views the league. If anything it's brought a bit of interest to the league that might otherwise not exist and it surely would not cause people to stop buying tickets outside of the Winnipeg market. Heck in someways it might even help to sell tickets here because it is a bit of a circus and people always gawk at car wrecks :smiley:

Your parents must be really proud of you all grown up, with a computer in your basement room! :stuck_out_tongue:

Mike Kelly will not be answering any tough questions. Any questions asked of our incompetant coach will be screened. Ask a simple football question, and you will get a simple answer. Bauer knows he can't fire Kelly. They are already paying Berry's salary. Kelly has decided to make war with the press. See how long he lasts.

What's so different about the way Kelly talks, and yourself? :slight_smile: Those are precisely the personal attacks he (and many of us listeners & real fans) are really tired of hearing. Got any solid football talk to offer?

Let me know when you decide to head down to the sports bar - I'd love to see this standoff!
My money's on the coach :rockin:

Another publicity stunt from WWF. Do you really think anyone would get within 3 feet of Kelly and ask him a tough question. Not likely.

Hmm - I heard some really good questions answered on Monday night. It was a great show! As I said in an earlier post, best show I've heard in years. Did you not tune in? The only thing missing was the screaming and yelling from ignorant callers, and the amusing cocky answers from the coach that everyone takes far too seriously!

How about an example of what your tough question would be?