Mike Kelly pulls an Armstrong LOL!

Anyone listening to this ?

Mike Kelly has found a way to BREAK his own contract with the Bombers LOL!

He's refusing to honnor a clause in his contract with the Bombers that calls on him to do a short call-in show for 19 weeks.

Precious.... How's that different than Armstrong taking the money and not playing...

Wow !

With the blessing of Lyle Bauer

Wow, this guy always adds something else to the list of thing's that make him a tool doesn't he? How is it humanly possible? What a guy :roll:

He is still doing the show, he is still taking email questions and questions from people who are at upper deck sports bar.
I don't blame Kelly at all, it was a small group of morons who would yell , scream and ask stupid questions. It took away from real fans wanting to ask football questions. It's on right now, he is still doing the coaches show. For the record, he said cjob could have their money back if the show were to end. Not sure where you got your info from or are you making things up ?

They are actually talking football tonight, which is better than the past shows. You don't live here, you have never met Kelly, so you have no idea what your talking about. Worry about your ti cats , who haven't made the playoffs in 5 years and have a whole 15 wins in the last 5 years.

He even used his daughters as an excuse...LOwwwwwww !

I'm not making anything up. He said he sent an email saying he was not doing the show anymore and He And Bauer managed to box in CJOB. Straight from Irving's mouth.

He did the show tonight and everything got straightened out. I don't blame him one bit for not wanting his Daughters to hear some of the garbage that was being said. The big reason he didn't want calls was , when he gave it back to the morons calling in, they couldn't handle it and went whining to Bauer and CJOB. They actually talked football tonight,which is all Kelly wanted to do from the start. He is also right about the football club is in charge of what access the media should get. They are spoiled and when they get denied certain information they start crying too.

It seems the same guys called in every week, Madjack, 15 Champions, Towlie,cobra99 and Bowlerdude. I can understand why he wanted out :twisted:

I read the article this morning,there was never any mention that the show was ending, just no longer taking phone calls because of the callers I already named :cowboy: :wink:

Kellyfanatic, that crosses the line.

I have never called the show. I do not live in, nor anywhere near, Winnipeg.

Withdraw your accusation.

I won't ask for an apology, just a simple retraction will suffice for now.

It was a joke man, lighten up :roll:

I said it crossed the line.

Do what is right

I’m glad I don’t know him. A coach is supposed to have respect for the game and the people/players/fans around it. He doesn’t. A coach is supposed to do what his contract says, after all he signed it. He didn’t want to. He is out of respect, required to shake the other coaches hand after every game. He didn’t in Hamilton. He is supposed to work with the media as much as possible, because the media is the fans portal to the CFL and this league is %100 fan based. Instead of just answering questions, he gives a dumb answer or attacks the media, the first time sparking his famous quote “It was handled internally, I don’t wanna talk about it!”. More like you got caught red handed and don’t have the balls to admit your mistake. A coach is supposed to treat the fans with respect. Kelly makes a rude comment about his own fans nontheless, and to this date hasn’t apologized for it. Kelly is supposed to guide his team to a winning record, and as OC he is supposed to make the offense work. Kelly currently has the Bombers at a losing 3-5 record, forced his man crush Stefan Lefors to take a paycut, and up until a couple games ago firmly believed that the shotgun formation was for flag football only. (Lefors who was brought in with Kelly’s claims to be THE QB in Winnipeg. He has likely the weakest arm and poorest reads in the CFL.) All this and more from a man who’s supposed to be a professional, and supposed to be a better man when in public due to his job, then he is more intimately. If that’s the case I DON’T wanna know Mike Kelly. I had respect for the Bombers up until this guy started with his antics. Maybe again when he goes.

With all due respect Bomber fans, this guy isn’t a good coach at the moment. He may very well become one, but he really has to stop with the crap before that will ever happen. Good luck on sunday guys :thup:

MJ, your a good poster and welcome in here any time.

However, there is a certain element in here that seems to think this is the open forum where they can flame away without consequences.

We (Bomber fans) have been very tolerant, so far, with a lot of crap.

Either everyone keeps rolling with the punches around here or we have the mods tone things right down from here on out.

You guys decide because my next pm is going to be to a mod.

Im glad Kelly is here.And I hope he keeps yapping,I grew up with Tyrone Jones and James West,you couldnt shut them up if you tried,and all the BB fan's loved it,What changed in this city?and I dont blame him for not taking call's,u wanna go after him,he should be able to do the same back without the callers acting like little kids.They say he's not acting professional,if you ask or make a stupid comment/question,what kind of answer do you expect to get?IMHO the fans are the ones not acting properly.It's a give and take thing.Some of these fans could go down and ask the same question's or comment's,nobody's stopping them,but they gotta do it to his face,and I dont think they will :slight_smile:

All CJOB had to do to allow callers,would be to tape the question's a few minutes in advance,then get rid of the stupid ones and all would be fine,listeners wouldnt even know the diff,but I think CJOB likes being live,so anything could happen if you listen to us type of thing.And dont tell they cant tape a conversation/question,cause other stations in the city do it,I know they can cause I had the same conversation on the phone twice with a DJ so he could record it the second time and put it on air so it would sound live-lol

What ? You think the whole city is affraid of an old guy with boobees ? Kelly talks tough but he isn't backing it up he can't even handle a couple cheap calls on his show. In my books that makes him a "sissy" Berry fielded the same calls and survived, Old man Richie too. Your either tough or your not and he's the one who chicken'd out not the fans.

Reap as you sow, Mike, reap as you sow. Act like a piece of trash, and fans will sink to your level. Or should the Winnipeg media boycott the Blue Bombers because you called them ‘lazy asses’? Nooo, that’s not a personal attack at all. :lol:

If Kelly had shown even an iota of class during his tenure thus far as Bombers head coach, the fans would probably have cut him some slack. But a man this arrogant, rude, confrontational, and disrespectful is going to get him some boo-birds, real quick. And he has nobody but himself to blame.

Gotta love how he thinks the fans aren’t signing his paycheques because they come from the Blue Bombers organization. Connect the dots, Mike. What happens to your paycheques if the fans don’t show up, particularly in a gate-driven league like the CFL? You go back to teaching, that’s what.

That's your opinion, it means nothing. Your not a coach,GM, or a fan . If your this bitter, DON'T WATCH. Do something else.

That's some stellar argumentation right there. :lol: :lol: :lol: You fail.

That is typical of Kelly or his few supporters. " I don't give a sh.." attitude.

Unfortunately for him the world does not work that way.

CFL fans have the right to an opinion and it is fair that he be called on the carpet. The man keeps discrediting this league and individuals that have done a lot for the CFL. Last night he said the Bomber organisation was run like a "Mom and Pop" operation. Well last I know Bauer's been the guy for what 8 or 10 years. So I guess that makes Bauer "Pop" probably Taman "Mom"

He's bringing in another player that has "nightclub, guns, entourage" all over him. Yes second one this year, He sure is bringing class back to the organisation. :roll:

The only thing that will save Kelly is winning a playoff game and he knows it. If he fails to make the playoff, they'll kick him out of town. Losing the next two to the green rivals would be very, very bad for him as well.

The bigger surprise is what sort of loon does the radio station have screening the calls? Any nickel and dime radio show should be able to filter out the goofballs. And, let's not forget, it is these same goofballs Kelly was pandering to with the whole "crotch of Canada" business, and his cheap shots at Taman. If you're gonna play in the mud with the pigs, you're gonna get muddy too.

If Kelly's got kids, I can see why he doesn't need zipperheads insulting him on air for an hour a week, but surely there is a way to avoid this short of pulling the pin on callers entirely. And there it is - yet another instance where Kelly chooses the worst possible way to deal with a problem. He's astounding in this regard.