Mike Kelly Poll

What are your thoughts.

If I am a Bombers' fan, I say fire him!
But I am an Als' fan, so I say keep him! :lol:

Hmmm... Rivals messing with the statistics :lol:

Considering the way both questions are worded ?

Even if he isn't a good coach, in your opinion, that may not be enough to fire the guy.

Here I thought people on this site were somewhat intelegent yet it is 50 50 split on this issue...
To anyone who is not a Bomber fan...I have one question?
Would you want Kelly as your coach?

^He should be fired, but he's a good coach. That's why.

.....No he is a good coach and should be fired and continue on in his present position...What a poorly worded poll that could only get this kind of confused response :thdn: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I believe that the Bombers are a QB away from becoming a GC contender.. BC has a surplus, I wonder if they would be willing to part with Lulay or Champion.. even Jarious.. he seems to be the next in line to become a star in the league. The new GM :wink: will making a few long distance calls to Vancouver...

Braley is about to purchase the Argos. You think surplus talent is going to go to Winnipeg ?

If he winds up with two teams.. that is a conflict of interest. Braley is smart enough to know that the league could be delivered a fatal blow if it looks like he using one team to stack the other...

Sending one player is not stacking.

Argos have 11 draft picks and Lions have 6 quarterbacks... seem to make sense to me.

Jarious will be 33 by the time camp opens, and has never been a bona fide starter. The only things he's next in line for are a fully vested pension and the 4:00 dinner special at Denny's.

.. and KJ was how old when he led us to a CG victory?... at a time when most thought he was a has-been when we got him?

  1. And he had been a starter for 4 or so years prior to that. Jackson has yo-yo'd from 1-5 in the Lion QB depth chart over the last 12 months, and never been the no. 1 guy.

And, looked at in total, it appears 2007 was the aberration in KJ's career.

Who else is winnipeg going to get ? bring back doug Barry?

I hear Bart Andrus is available. . .

Relax, just kidding gang . . .

Mike Kelly as the HC.
Doug Berry as the DC.
Bart Andrus as the OC.

Can you imagine the headlines that coaching staff would create? :lol:

You can't expect Kelly and Berry to work that closely together. Bring in Charlie Taaffe as HC and let Kelly handle the PR.