Mike Kelly Penalized

Does anyone know any of the details regarding the 2 back to back objectionable conduct penalties assessed against Kelly last night? He obviously lost it after the play review (quite correctly) gave Toronto the ball on an interception that the on field officials had missed. But, on TSN Cuthbert and Suitor were nattering on about something or other while the penalties were being announced and they missed it, only referring to it briefly later on.

Was anyone here at the game and has any insight as to what Kelly said or did to warrant not one but two objectionable conduct penalties?

Personally, I'd have been tempted to give him a match penalty for inflicting that sad excuse for an "offence" on the paying public.

Jim Bender put it well in today's Winnipeg Sun:

"And another thing, it is about that tirade that cost your squad back-to-back objectionable conduct penalties, aren't head coaches supposed to teach their players to maintain discipline?

Shouldn't you be leading by example?

Do you plan to fine or suspend yourself?"

Mike Kelly will be Mike Kelly. Anything stupid or douche-like that he can do, consider it done and then some.

what i saw was him out in the field yelling at the refs about the challenge on the give away pass and it was reviewed and you can see the Bomber got stripped of the ball and it was given to Toronto, it was a good call but i guess with the challenge and video proof of it, was not good enough for Kelly and he had to have a fit, this guy is such a clown, once he gets canned in Winnipeg nobody in the CFL will touch this guy, does he not realize he is ruining his career :roll:

I think he was freaking because the ruling on the field was down by contact which isn't challengeable on passing plays ?

I think he was upset because the whistle blew the play dead. As a result what he wasn't aware of was the ball was stripped by an Argo player just before the whistle was blown. The right call was made by the Refs. When he see's the game film he will see the truth. That's my take on this.

The Argo stripped the ball before the whistle blew, yes, but the Refs did not make the right call, they called Winnipeg ball........the review overturned that and (correctly) awarded Toronto possession.

Thanks madjack, but the Refs made the right call on the misconduct penalties?

Well I checked the game log, and the ruling on the field was the receiver was down by contact. Again, you can't challenge down by contact on passing plays. This should not have been a reviewable play.

That's why I started this thread..........I do not know if they made the right call in giving Kelly 2 objectionable conduct penalties...I neither heard what Kelly said nor did I see what he was doing..........I wanted someone who was at the game to let us know what went on...

...This penalty was more of an indication of a coach losing his 'cool' ...He didn't show his players leadership on this occasion....another black-mark on an already tarnished image...Clock is ticking..... :thdn:

Agreed. Shades of Doug Berry in terms of unprofessional behavior. How does a coach get his team to perform at a high level when he himself is costing the team yardage on the field with his lack of emotional control?

I think it speaks volumes about Kelly's ability as a coach that the strongest unit on the team is the one over which he has the least creative control and input (the defense). I don't know who the Bomber D.C. is, but man alive, if you fired Kelly tomorrow, would it honestly affect the on-field product that negatively? I doubt it. The defense would stay strong, and the offense could only improve.

Mark Nelson, the same guy who took over for Kelly when he got canned at Valdosta State. I'm starting to see a pattern.

So fire Kelly, promote Nelson, and hire an inanimate carbon rod as O.C. The rod will be just as effective running the offense but create far less controversy.

"Carbon" rod... sure it will create controversy...all the tree-hugging, climate change~global warming hysterics will go nuts...it's carbon...

....yeah i noticed Carbon Rod, was not very animated in his last 'post'...perhaps he'll be an improvement though.. :lol:

Anything to try and prove that Kelly is an idiot of a coach huh? Doesn't matter how much truth is behind it does it.

First of all anything written by The Sun automatically gets tossed into the same bin as all that tabloid stuff. The Sun does not have ONE decent sports writer working for them, and they whole Westwood thing last year shows what a tabloid they are.

From the view Kelly would have had at the time, I can see him having every reason to get upset. From what he would have saw on his sideline, he would have seen the player land, the whistle go, the ball get recovered, in that order. Obviously we have instant replay to look at so at home we all knew that the ball came out earlier, but Kelly wouldn't have seen that, as they don't show replays in the stadium of calls being reviewed. So with the idea that the refs were about to review a play that was whistled dead, yeah he'd have a reason to be mad cause that would have gone against league rules.

Great job by TSN last night, that penalty wasn't the only thing they missed while Cuthbert was nattering away...come on guys just cause you don't have competition from the CBC anymore doesn't mean you gotta start copying their broadcasting!