Mike Kelly...new headcoach in the Peg

....Judging by his picture you could say he looks a lot like Mr. Clean.....and that's exactly what he has to do in the Peg...clean things up.....He definitely has lots of history with the bluengold......Good Luck Mike....09 has begun :thup:

Well Dad what did I tell you about Berry. I guess the crow tastes mighty good by now. But heck even the best rider fans make mistakes why can't you being a bomber fan :smiley: A coach that acts the way he did will lose his team and Berry did a fine job of that. I think it is a good move giving Kelly GM and HC duties. It was obvious Taman was not capable. He might just turn out to be better at player personnel but I doubt it. But good luck to the Bombers I truly hope this turns around the team.

....thankyou my son.....I watched Kellys intro. to the Peg. today.....(though he was in a successful situation in Wpg. before in the 90's).... He's really happy to take the job now...and has always had a soft-spot for the Peg....I don't know if that will result in any more success with the team....However he is perceived as a Huffer-type...players are already commenting on how they will be more than happy to play for him....sounds good and a great start....Taman is in a reduced role and will be primarily scouting...I think he better come up with some gems.....Cal Murphy is a very good friend of Kellys and can certainly steer some competent players our way....We definitely need improvement in a lot of areas....bring on 09....

It is great to see the change for sure if your a bomber fan.