Mike Kelly is an Idiot

Us Bombers fans have had to take a lot from the organization in recent years.

It started when Khari Jones was released in favor of an unproven newcomer named Kevin Glenn. He ended up having two so-so seasons, one great season, and then one terrible one, and was released in favor of Stefan LeFors.

Then Troy Westwood was released in 2008. An unproven, yet promising former soccer player by the name of Alexis Serna was brought in. This looked like a good move at the time. But Serna had a terrible season and had all of Winnipeg mad at him.

There were some good trades though. Tom Canada for Zeke Moreno looked good, and it looked even better when it ended up being a first round draft pick. Also, when Bombers legend Charles Roberts was traded to the Lions out of nowhere for powerhouse Joe Smith, that ended up being a good move.

Then, this preseason, a 23 year old Lavarus Giles came in. He had two solid games, and people were speculating that this 6'1, 220 lb speedster could take the job of Fred Ried. Then some even said Joe Smith. Well on June 25, the Bombers cut their best player in favor of a guy who has never played in the CFL before.

Giles averaged 80.5 yards per game (when you take away the one long run) in two preseason games, where teams don't bring their best players. Joe Smith won the CFL rushing title. Smith is widely regarded as one of the best, if not the best running backs in the CFL. Nobody has ever heard of Giles.

In Kelly's argument, he dismissed Smith as being "eccentric" and "not giving it his all in practice". He had an injury. You can't expect one of your teams core palyers to paly through injury.

I don't mean any disrespect to Giles, but I mean a tremendous amount to Kelly.I hope the Bombers do terrible this year, just so Mike Kelly can head out the door as quickly as possible.

Jones was released because his shoulder was shot, CGY released him shortly after as well. Westwood couldn't make FG'S, some what impotant if wour the kicker. How was Joe Smith are best player ? He was average at best for us last year. This year, the old saying goes " you can't make the club from the tub " Why have training camp if your just going to keep everybody from last year. The Giles run was in the 1st half with MTL. 1st stringers in. I'll take a young hungry kid over a aging veteran, who is disinterested, every time. If Smith is complaining about injuries that the coaching staff feels he can play through, 2 weeks in to camp. What's going to happen by week 5.
Kelly realizes that the Bombers had a party 1st atmosphere last year and no intensity in the EDM game, last NOV.
He wants to change that and bring pride and respectabilty back to the Bombers. People forget, Kelly apprenticed under Cal. Murphy and Andy Reid.I think he may be a bit more expierience coaching PRO football than you ? We have 0 cups in 18 years, there is no wrong move. All those players you mentioned won us a combined total of 0 cups ! If your wishing the Bombers a losing year, your not a true fan and never were.

Can't disagree with the title of this thread.

The entire regular season will back it up.

I'm still of the 'wait and see' mindset...like I've been since Mike Kelly's been here. The guy knows more about football than I ever will, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt...for now. :wink:

Joe Smith was our best player? You must be his mom to believe that.

I am amazed at the ticat fans that get on our forum and put our coach and team down, I think they better worry about their own team first, which doesn't look to good. As you read their own threads they were talking trash about our team before preseason started. Now they're all complaining about their own coach and player moves. Funny how things change.

Only time will tell if Mike Kelly has made the wrong choices but in my opinion keeping Jonathan Hefney is looking toward the future of the Bombers, that is what the Big Blue needs some quickness and agility in the backfield. As for the release of Smith, sometimes not all the reasons maybe stated in their decision to release a player.


Funny all six of you so far in this thread are Bomber fans...

Take your own advice, you'll need it :slight_smile:

Own advice about what?

Well said Kasps

So far I love where this club is headed.
They look great.

I think they'll start off slow but will improve week by week. By October..hehehe

than your not a bomber fan

THEN YOU'RE not a bomber fan[/quote

"than your".........................geez............................

Than you're.... geez. Than you're, you're is short for you are. Than you are not a bomber fan... Than you're not a bomber fan... don't be so touchy with grammar, especially when you're not such a pro yourself.



I think you misread me........the original poster said "than your" not a bomber fan, which is incorrect on both points.

I corrected it to read "then you're"................not a bomber fan, which is correct.

You are going back to using Than instead of Then, which is still incorrect, however trendy it may be.

But the season is about to start, so I'm parking my English language opinions for the balance of the season.

Bring on the CFL !!!

Ok than ! :slight_smile:

Don't forget he also released ramonce taylor

.....according to Kelly he was released for good reason....that's the coachs choice...something like the Huffer did in Cal. with Armour.....but then Hufnagel is just a Cup winning coach...and i'm sure an idiot.. :roll:

Kelly an idiot! Hardly! He is a coach with a vision and a backbone, which we have not seen since Ritchie. The idiot was Berry, the spineless wimp was Daly! Kelly never once claimed this would be a grey cup year, he has always stated we'll get there in 3! This team was in a complete mess, and he is cleaning house! He is definitely no idiot!

I'll visit this forum near the end of the year and eat my words if I am wrong. But I think he is doing everything this team and city needs, no matter how bad it may appear on the surface.