Mike Kelly - HR Guru

Now, so that no one gets the notion that I'm taking cheap shots here, I kicked Kelly when he was up, and all the way along. I have been steadfast in my views.

With that said, check out this litany of personnel gaffs:

  1. Publicly bad-mouths former GM Brendan Taman, a time-honored no-no, who, by the way, did nothing to Kelly.

  2. Publicly criticized his starting QB, Glenn, before cutting him. But not before inexplicably paying Glenn a $40,000 roster bonus.

  3. Cut Ramonce Taylor for questionable off-field conduct, just 2 months before publicly romancing Pacman Jones.

  4. Names his all-star WR (Armstrong) as a DI for the season opener but fails to tell him. Then, just before kick-off, has an assistant coach break the news. Armstrong blows a gasket, refuses to play. A dirty media war ensues for a week, before he is released.

  5. Cuts 40% from the salary of his hand-picked starting QB less than a third of the way into the season in a low-rent "take it or leave it" move that defied logic.

  6. Pursues Pacman Jones, preaching the need to give second chances, and then, two days later, does an about face and pulls the pin on the deal.

All this, and the season isn't even half over until after Labour Day Monday.

Stunning, when you look at them all in one list.

Not as stunning as the Bomber's blowout victory on Labour Day will be.

I dunno....the football gods gave the Bombers a win in BC on account of the BC "gesture". I'm not sure karma entitles them to 2 in a row.

Kelly is a pathetic Coach.. poor player skills and even poorer management skill.

the guy is just lucky he has an Argonaut team that is worse!

Usually that's reserved for the Banjo Bowl, the Riders usually win on Labour Day, no matter how good, or bad their team that year is.

Stunned is more like it, how about we discuss Eric Tillman for awhile ?

A Guru......only a fool would believe that.

ok. you first. I'm curious to see just how far that goes.

I mean face facts. Kelly is an embarassment to the league. Just catch any soundbite on TSN.

The guy may be a media relations nightmare but he is far from crossing any lines of moral conduct. But I suspect, if he was accused of breaking any laws, we would be prevented from discussing his character.

It's rather funny if you do look at it.
Taman = he was publicly bad-mouthed by the fans before Kelly even got here...Glenn = some BB fans wanted the QB gone (some fans just forgot he was the best QB we could get).....Armstrong = I liked him (whatever went down before/during the game,i dont know,but it's funny he's not playing in the CFL is he).....LeFors = Hey he (Kelly) said he would take the blame and he is,BB fans didnt think he was a starter,now we complain that we slashed his pay,next we will complain that we cut him loose :? ....Pacman Jones = Kelly told everyone to shut up(we the fans and Media are the fools for not listening) :slight_smile:

The Bomber's never said he was signed,even in the si.com article John Murphy says nothing to that effect.But he should not have said anything at all,I'll agree to that.

Dont no how ppl can blame Kelly for this,blame the Media,Kelly and the BB kept saying not to talk about it,yes they believe in second chances,but they needed to check things out first,well they did that,end of story now.Now if the media/Murphy/miss pacman would have all kept there lips shut,we all wouldnt know a thing.

Now its all over.........Lets get ready to play 4 great Labour Day games this weekend.

Your missing a whole bunch...

  1. Makes an ars of himself at the fan forum by calling Saskatchewan the crotch of Canada

  2. Hired John Murphy to replace Taman...

  3. Called the Winnipeg Media Lazy Arzes in front of a mic

  4. Refused to shake hands with Bellefeuille after a loss.

  5. Got in preschool style fights on with fans on his own radio show

  6. Tried to break his contract with the Bombers and quit the radio show, managed to get the phone in part killed.

  7. Traded his best Olinesman Goodspeed who had received a bonus of 40k for a prospect which he cut during training camp

  8. Made disparaging remarks about Printers than used him for his spring camp after the CFL told him he couldn't use players under contract.

  9. John Murphy's Ontario scout was caught sketching the Ticat plays at practice.

  10. Ramonce Taylor's family stated that Ramonce was lied to by John Murphy

  11. Charles Rogers...

In half a season of football !

1 Kelly hired Murphy

2 Saying its on him does not make it right

-Armstrong was told to go and play,he refused. - Armstrongs fault.

-It was Murphy that jumped the gun on Jones. Kelly never made one comment about Jones coming.

  • They were going to release Lefors out right. Nobody else wanted him. So they kept him at a backup salary. 90 000 grand is better than 0 grand. Other teams release players and they get zip. Lefors is lucky.

  • John Murphy has a Grey Cup ring with the help of the players he brought in to Calgary last year. What a terrible idea ! :roll:

-If a fan is allowed to start yelling and hurling insults on the radio, any man would defend himself. Everytime he gave a caller back what he gave, the upper deck sports lounge erupted in to appaulse for Kelly.

  • Some of the media went after him from day 1. That would be lazy reporting if you haven't even talked to the guy yet. Bob Irving say he is a good coach and works extremely hard that's good enough for me. Unless being a member of the football hall of fame isn't good enough.

  • CJOB has a better coaches show now than when they took calls from idiots. They actually talked football this last Monday.

  • They looked at Printers in Florida, but never signed him or brought him to Winnipeg.

  • So it was okay for Mathews and countless other teams to spy ?

  • What about Charles Rodgers, did they sign him ? Did you hear kelly say they were trying to bring him here ?

Not that I agree but you only gave your opinion on part of our list. It is a long list isn't it. Even forgot some, like his shotgun is for flag football and people who can't coach a QB comments...

Why did he not shake hands with Bellefeuille ?

The media didn't go after him from day one, they became skeptical when Taman walked and turned on him outright when they caught him on the Kevin Glenn situation.

I think if Kelly had been hired as a HC, he could have done well. The f... penny pincher Bauer made him an Emperor and gave him responsabilities that he clearly does not have the experience to handle and it has ruined at least his start with the Bombers and I have yet to hear him Appologize for ANYTHING. The man is confrontational, he either enjoys it or does not know how to defuse situations and judging by how he recruited his staff and tried to raid the Edmonton org. has very limited friendships and contacts in the business.

Regarding Charles Rogers he did admit "they were talking" and that on the very same radio show you said was so much better without the calls...

He's not perfect and has made some mistakes just like every other coach in this league. They talked, not against the rules. Look at Mike Sellers, the Bombers gave him a second chance and he made the most of it. At the end Kelly decided against bringing in Jones. Unlike the Als who brought in Lawrence Phillips.

Well all I keep hearing from some fans is they will never get 1 win,then its 2 wins,oops I mean 3,no they will never get 4,its rather funny.Keep it up :slight_smile:

They have more wins at this point of the season then last years point,(picked to be last) after this weekend its possible only Edmonton and Montreal may have more wins.Either Mike Kelly is a GURU,or that means after this weekend all coaches in Ham/Tor/Sask/Cal/BC should be fired,cause they will be tied with the lowly Bombers :wink:

I think some fans need to do other fans a favour,stop running into concrete walls with those inflatible novelty helmets,they are NOT REAL :lol: just watch the game,relax,have fun,ignore the Wpg media,you just may enjoy the game once in a while.

Never once in my initial post have I criticized his abilities as a head coach. I do question his abilities as an offensive coordinator, and his people-management and public relations skills appear off-the-charts low.

HFxTC may have hit the nail on the head. Had they brought the guy in to be the head coach, without all of the ancillary titles, he’d probably be just fine. But he should not be coach/gm/offensive coordinator/head chef and whatever else he does.

He seems to be kind of a smart but socially inept “nerd” who his team likes but no one else can deal with him. If it were me, I’d say he needs a boss who can muzzle him, and limit his exposure to the outside world, and a strong-minded OC who can do his job, and deflect any interference.

that was a bad decision yes. who doesn't make bad decisions? I don't know of ANY coach in the CFL or NFL that has never made a bad decision!

Hate to ask an obvious question but I will. Since he has obviously done a lot to hurt the reputation of the Bombers and turned both himself and the whole selection process of him into a face, why hasn't the Bombers organization fined him??? You konw, encourage him to STFU?

Awesome post - 100% agree :thup:

And again to fans from other teams, why do care so much about the Bombers coach? Like I said before he doesn’t coach your team so relax and enjoy the season :roll: :roll: