Mike Kelly etc..

If he is hired Mike Kelly might want to look at Matt Dunigan for quarterbacks coach/offensive coordinator. They had some pretty good success here in the early nineties. You would think Dunigan could evaluate a QB pretty quickly. It would be shame if we lose Greg Marshall and/or Richard Harris though. It seems the players really respect them both. Tough decisions to make for certain. Should be very interesting.

only problem with that post was its isn;t going to be to abd to lsoe greg marhsall. ya he is a heck of a guy and has players respect more so then any coach. but his defence the last number of years has been just awful. this team will never win a gc with his defence. can;t even cover the basic play book of rocky ray and the eskimoes. its called cover the dam flats.

This team needs more than a few "adjustments" for sure! Let's pray the correct decisions are made shortly. If Kelly is hired or not,I'd still like to see Dunigan as OC. Good coaching and proper half time adjustments are crucial. This is why Calgary won the Cup tonight. Excellent coaching!! I wish we could of snagged Hufnagel when the time came!! I hope with the right moves our turn is next!!

.....One of the first things Mike should do..(if, infact he's the MAN)...is to get our fa's pioritized...namely our centre Dominic Picard.....he's essential....The Als. will surely come knocking in the event that Chui , their centre retires (sounds certain)....and pleeeeease Mike get our kicking situation straightened out..We need a Canadian fg/punter...and one is available in the hammer..The quarterbacking on this club is going to be a hard mystery to solve....Looking at available candidates compared to what we already have?????????This ones gonna be tough....Kelly has a lot of connections in the states and nfl knowledge ...maybe he has someone in mind already....can't wait to get 09 started.... :wink: :rockin:

Dunigan has ruled out any thought of leaving his 'grillin and chillin gig' or his panel seat to rejoin the coaching ranks...who can blame him.....HOWEVER....Dave Dickenson has expressed interest in coaching....i believe he'd make an interesting qb. coach....Maybe he could rejuvenate Glenns career...... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Tuesday already, and no announcement on the hiring.

C'mon Bauer, clocks ticking on next year and the Bombers need time to hire a new staff and evaluate the team.

Kelly is already the Head Coach he was at grey cup dressed up in all bomber gear telling anyone that would listen he was the new bomber coach I heard this on the Radio 92citi so basically bombers will just have to make the announcement and it might have already happened just hasn't hit any major News broadcast and with Grey cup over most of those sports News cast shut the door on the cfl and barely talk about it.

Now were hearing the announcement will come early next week (Dec 1).

Let the speculation begin on the coaching staff now ?

....just a formality now, according to tsn......Kelly will be announced soon, as the next headcoach/gm of the Wpg. Blue Bombers....he has cleaned out his office in Edmonton and is headed for Winnipeg....where we should hear the official announcement soon......Quotes from some ,surrounding the esks. are .....phenemonal.....talented, and i like this one the best .....genuine....Mike has a lot of work to do as soon he officially takes the reins....A huge loss for edm.....someone on the receiving corps was reported to have said.....Winnipegs gain/////goBigBlue :rockin: This train is about to get back on track.... :rockin: :thup:

If it's official they won't announce it till Monday? I hope he does bring a whole new offensive scheme along with the players to fill the roles as best as possible. God only knows how bad this offense needs to be rebuilt!! I agree that a different starting Quarterback is a must to start 2009. Hopefully Mike Kelly is the answer we're looking for. I'am just wondering how Greg Marshall is going to handle being passed by again.

looks like Kelly might be bringing in Dunigan and Greg Marshall may be out to toronto

[url=http://sports.sympatico.msn.cbc.ca/abc/News/ContentPosting.aspx?isfa=1&feedname=CBC-SPORTS-V3&showbyline=True&newsitemid=bluebombers-coach]http://sports.sympatico.msn.cbc.ca/abc/ ... bers-coach[/url]

...I've heard the Dunigan rumour as well....i might have to eat my words of a previous post, where i said he was not going to leave his present gigs.....He certainly would be an asset....Matt knows the game inside and out....He'd be an interesting choice if Kelly decides to go after him....they've worked together in the past...Reports are suggesting that Marshal will head off to Edmonton...either to take over as coach (if Machimpmunk moves up) or in some other capacity...I don't think Kelly wants to have any remnants of the Berry led Bombers around....We'll see..... :roll: :roll:

I would not be the least bit surprised if the Dunigan rumor isn't fact. The Bombers desperately need a former QB to bring along the young guys Dinwiddie, Randall & Chang, and who better than MD.

As for Marshall, I hope he gets a HC gig somewhere, but that leaves us with a hole on the staff. Will be very interesting to hear who they are considering for DC. With our glut of LB's maybe a 34 defence with Stubler isn't out of the question ?

Mrs MadJack and I spoke to Dunigan at the Grey Cup, and he denied he was leaving TSN................but what else would you expect him to say..................

I do think he'd make a fine offensive coordinator.......in Calgary he was saddled with a bad team, an interfering busybody of an owner, and was trying to do too many jobs (GM, HC, OC) all by himself. Given the one job and a stable front office, I think he'd do fine.

And that thought of bringing in Stubler is a good one. As others have posted in other threads, Stubler likes to work with veterans so he's not a good fit as DC in Hamilton....but Winnipeg is another matter entirely. And, as is correctly pointed out here, he is experienced at running a 3/4 defence and with the Bombers glut at LB, that just might be the way to go.

...you're pretty astute MadJack ( i know it comes with experience) and being around this league a long-time...I would be surprised ...like you....to see Dunigan come on board with the BigBlue.....BUT ...if he hasn't got the coaching bug out of his system...that could draw him back....Matt strikes me as one of these guys who hates to lose or fail at anything....and I believe you are correct in your take on his coaching stint in Cal. ....The draw to succeed ...other than as a player (we all know he's done that) to coach again( which was left unfinished.)..could be enough to bring him back behind the bench...we'll see in the next little while....Stubler would be an interesting addition....and if that comes about...the Bombers could be a very fromidable force in 09..... :rockin: ( NOW ,,,IF WE CAN ONLY FIND A QB... :lol: )

Well papa the more I think about Stubler in the 'peg the more sense it makes.

You've got Simpson, Lobendahn, and Moreno as MLBs. May as well go to a 3/4, so keeping 2 of them in their natural position. That way you only have to play one out of position, or trade him; it would also transform Doug Brown into a nose tackle, and I think he'd excel at that.

Now, as for qb.................try this on for size, an expansion of my previous suggestion:

Hamilton sends Printers to Toronto; they send Joseph to Winnipeg; you send Glenn to BC; they send Jackson to Saskatchewan; and then Saskatchewan sends someone (a receiver or a lineman) to Hamilton to complete the deal.


I like everything you said there but i don’t think any team will trade for printers with that high salary so i think he’d be cut and than sign on with Toronto at a significant pay cut. Than i think it will turn your trade into a 3 way deal with Joseph here Glenn in Sask and than we throw something at toronto possibly 1 of the 3 Lbs. I honestly think we are gonna stay with 4-3 just because are we just gonna throw away Haywood when Simpson doesn’t have much left in the tank so i see Simpson being used as trade bait this off season.

Usually I get annoyed when people use "THEN" when they mean to say "THAN".

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Oh for cry in out loud are you serious, its one letter that he missed used in a word. Can you please tell me if this forum is for writing poetry, a novel, shakespeare, or for football.

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Sorry but the trendy misuse of "then" and "than" is a particular pet peeve of mine. And yes, I do think that if we are going to use the English language we should at least make an effort to use it properly.

Bottom line supa..........would you prefer to have Joseph?