Mike Kelly calls Rider folks the crotch of Canada

Why is a head coach in this league like Mike Kelly calling names like this?

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/football/bombers/coach-kelly-comes-clean-43411117.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... 11117.html[/url]

And, finally, as is customary at these kind of gatherings, there were also the usual shots at the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Regina, referred to by one fan as 'the crotch of Canada.' Later, Kelly spoke of taking talent from the Edmonton Eskimos and Riders: "We kind of raided the toothless, green, watermelon-helmet-wearing people from the crotch of Canada."

I think Commisioner Cohon ought to give Mike Kelly a phone call and speak to him about his etiquette.

That's not a very nice thing to call the backup O-linemen that he signed from us.

Oh, well, hope he enjoys the hand-me-downs. I'm sure LeFors will thank him in his own special way after picking himself off the carpet following the 50th sack of the year....or, as we, like to call it, week 6.

Can this guy go five minutes without putting his foot in his mouth? Jesus.

Artie if this site allowed for the give of rep points you would've got one from me for that one. Hilarious! :lol:

The CFL just wouldn't be the CFL without at least one controversial off-the-wall character on the sidelines.

I think we know who will fill that role in 2009.

...He brought the house down with that comment.....there's some more fuel for the fire.....heh heh....I think he's just picking up where Westwood and Milt left off (armpit comment)...Wow, a few words sent in a particular direction can sure get some people worked up.....Not that a few derrogatory remarks haven't been sent our way....we just learn to take it....and we can give it.... :wink:

So if Sask is the crotch of Canada, what does that make Manitoba?

The hairy-### hang-down?

A little east of the crotch.

I for one think there is nothing wrong with some crotches.

....well looking at the buffalo (Manitobas emblem)....yeah i can see that.....'the hairy hang-down'..... :wink:

He's the head coach, not a player. He really should be picking his words a little more carefully. But whatever, no skin off my nose if Kelly wants to make an ass of himself in public.

It was somewhat funny. No offence was taken.

I'd be more concerned if I were a Bomber fan - coaches generally hold themselves above that sort of trash-talk. If the main pooh-bah and head bottle washer-type guy in charge of everything is pandering to the season ticket holders with cheap shucks and funnies, I would be asking myself: does he favour flash over substance, or is he covering over some big question marks with jokes in the hopes that people forget the hard questions.....

Nope. No offence taken. I'd have to take the guy seriously for that.....

Crack maybe but never the Crotch :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Mike Kelly is a goof. What could the Bombers be thinking by hiring him as their superboss? He's certainly no W. Buono or J. Hufnagal if that was their intention.

So I guess the banjo bowl now becomes the crotch bowl. The rematch in the Pig can be the toilet bowl, as we all know what a crotch does to a toilet. And as Artie pointed out, it will be a well used toilet bowl by then, with the 50th sack and all, about that time.

Just wondering how you know this ? Have you looked in to your crystal ball. Doesn't sound you have done any research on Mike Kelly. He starting his coaching career with the Bombers in the early 90's. He knows the Canadian game and is a Cal Murphy disciple.
Him slamming SK. is all in fun and will bring more exposure and interest to the cfl,just like Ali ,did with Frazier in the 70's. Frazier was to stupid to realize that Ali's name calling was just a gimmick to bring more attention to the fight and MONEY for the both of them.

Yeah, but not really. Ali and Frazier were the combatants, the players. They're allowed to beak. Kelly's a coach. Going back to your analogy, through all of the Frazier/Ali wars, how many times did you hear any trash from Cus D'Amato?

If it's a money maker ,who cares who started it. I'm sure the crotch bowl shirts have already been made.

Rather play in the crotch of sask than deal with the arse holes of winnipeg

I have to admit the whole banjo bowl thing still rubs me wrong way sooooo badly, especially since it came for the biggest hillbilly piece of white trash in the league.

What did he raid anyway? The laundry basket? The guy took a two year window to build a team and narrowed it to 7 games. Brilliant…