Mike Jones

I agree. We should have a vote!

I’m really not sure what the point is of banning someone in the first place when they’re allowed to just create another account(s) and start posting again.

I think virtually every reply to every one of his posts makes it clear that most of us think he knows nothing about football.

It honestly never occurred to me that he is a troll. I always assumed he fully believes everything he says, and just has an astonishing inability to read the room and realize that maybe, just maybe, the appetite to repeatedly read about his opinions is not quite what he thought.

One Member, One Account:If a member is using multiple accounts, all accounts will be banned. If an individual has been banned and it has been determined that that member has returned under another username, that individual will be banned again. If a member has been suspended (temporarily banned) and tries to get around the temporary ban by re-registering using another name that individual’s new registered name and the original username will be permanently banned.

Yes but that one catch was waaaaay better than any catch that Jones ever made . I honestly think that once we sign Ricky Ray that you will see Jone’s numbers and production go way up thru the roof. ::slight_smile:

Not all of his ideas are completely ludicrous. While reading his long diatribes he’ll make a couple of interesting observations but then further into his posts he will proceed to write something retarded. Thereby killing his credibility. Then he continues to repeat these exact opinions over and over across multiple threads.

The people that want him banned are unreasonable. You can’t just ban somebody because you disagree with their opinion or find them boring. Other than the one incident where he threatened to fight, all of his posts follow the forum rules of proper conduct. Simply put him on your foe list or don’t bother reading his posts.

And once the team sign Ray we’re certainly guaranteed at least 3 cups, right? If they can’t ink Ray, then just sign any familiar player from the past! Non-existent problem solved!

Bottom line… if the coaches thought that someone else would be better at the Z, then they wouldn’t be starting Jones in the first place.


Some great points and some no so great points. That’s the reason this forum is up and running, thoughts and observations by passionate Tiger Cats.

Just want to make a few points clear.

  1. I am on here because the mod asked me to apologize to the person i spoke harshly to. I did so with full sincerity.We all make mistakes and I don’t let all the attacks bother me anymore.

  2. i am die hard Ticats fan and I never attack or criticize others as everyone has their own opinions and there i varying level of football knowledge.

  3. I see it is a good thing that you guys get all excited and gang up. If I wasn’t interesting and initiating conversation tben I would not be getting any tesonses at all.

One again , I don’t hate Mike Jones. The fact that he had more catches last year does show that he stepped up and yes not all incompletions are his fault. I don’t think Ungerer is anywhere near replacing him with one game and one catch.
Do I have to agree with every decision the Ticats make ? I do for the most part with the exceptions I mentioned.
Evans has started 5 games including the over 3 quartee performance vs WPG and Mtl last year. He has been in Hamilton for a few years now and has had two full training csmps under his belt and full exhibition schedule and spot duty in blowouts like the Argo game.
This is why I don’t see him as a rookie andche has had plenty of exposure to the CFL game and is quite familiar with Banks, Tasker, Jones and Addison and knows the oline well like Filer and Ciraco and Revenburg. U have also seen bo signs in these 5 starts that he could be starter. fajardo is sask and arbuckle in calgary have come in under similar situations and are now performing at a high level.
Anyone can say og give him a chance or time etc but ge has performed poorly against two weak teams in Ottawa and BC.
I can’t see him doing enough for us to win in Calgary, Edmonton or Winnipeg. By the time , this happens it will be too late to bring in a veteran to learn the offemce. My suggestion would be to bring in a veteran now as insurance and give Evans a shot at those 3 teams. If he fails then we a veteran ready to go.

A note from the mods:

Everyone here is entitled to their opinion. Personally, I don’t agree with most of GentleBen / Gerbear’s opinions. As a result; I don’t read most of his posts. But I can tell you I have yet to see him breach the Rules since he returned. He is being trolled in this thread - a number of posters have crossed the line and breached the Rules with personal attacks. Maybe, he is executing a master plan to subtly annoy longtime members here (ex. Ricky Ray) into breaching the Rules and getting themselves banned… In which case a number of posters are playing into his hands.

Gentleben is not going to be banned for posting long-winded commentary about US college players who will never play in the CFL or his desire to see Ricky Ray come out of retirement.

If you don’t like it, don’t read it, and certainly don’t troll the guy or there will be consequences.

Often hear that comment, and from other posters as well as mods.

But. . . how will you know if you don’t like a post unless you read it first ?

Should have written: “if you don’t like his opinions, don’t read his posts, and certainly don’t respond with personal attacks - but that should be obvious”. I never read the Gerbear posts. They were too long and I have a very short attention span. I stopped reading Gentleben’s posts after he suggested the Cats go after Ricky Ray.

Ah yes, that’s much better.


Hey BEN don’t let the b*trds grind you down.

Like it says below: “those who mind DON’T matter”

This statement is precise and long overdue from the mods.

Perhaps you should pin it at the top of the forum with the title, “How to interact with Gerbear”. That way guys like Lenny can easily reference it and then maybe stop crying for Gerbear to be banned everytime he writes a post.

Otherwise this amendment to the forum rules will just get buried in a Mike Jones thread.

Go after Ricky Ray ?!?!? Wow , he said that ? This is the first time hearing about this . Now there’s a great idea . I’m going to have to start reading more of GentleBen’s posts . ;D

Gentleben is a good read.

Our Steven A Smith/Colin Cowherd of Ticat Forums

Getting back to Mike Jones; hopefully he will get targetted in this game- he had a phenomenal game last time we played in B.C.