Mike Jones

Most of you know that I am not a fan of Mike Jones and I feel he should not be a starter and should be replaced / upgraded with an import like Tucker due to our ratio flexibilty. Last year we lost Banks, Saunders, Tolliver, Chris Williams and Tasker to injury. This left Jones as one of the only remaing receivers that knew the offence hence Masoli threw to him much mote often out of necessity. He dropped alot of passes and ran poor routes…he caught 48 for like 845 yards or so but a very poor pass to completion rate. I felt with Banks and other key starters in the lineup that Jones stats and passes thrown to will decrease dramatically.
Well this is exactly what is happening this year.
Mike Jones has 9 catches out of 18 passing attempts for184 yards . That is 1 completion and 2 incompletions per game after 9 games. It’s no wonder we are seeing Ungerer be eased into the offence.
This predction was an easy one and obvious… If Erlington and Irons didn’t go down then soon Tucker would be replacing the pylon / decoy Mike Jones. I still stand by my prediction that Mike Jones will no longer be a starter by the end of the regualr season.

“Willie heard ya. Willie doesn’t care.”

9 catches out of 18 targets does not equal 1 completion and 2 incompletions per game .

Mike Jones, Nikola Kalinic, and David Ungerer are good, young Canadian receivers . 8 other CFL teams would love to have them but you have this hate on for certain players on our roster . :o

Pat Lynch (just shaking my head ;D)

Your post displays both a lack of mathematical ability and an ignorance of the role Mike Jones plays in his position.

Mike Jones is also playing in a different offence than last year. Condell offence does not use the farthest wideout as much as June Jones did in the Run & Shoot. Condell prefers to use slotbacks more. We saw this back in the Austin days also. Guys like Matt Coates and Spencer Watt were targeted only a couple of times per game.

How many of the 9 misses he’s had this year were actually catchable? I remember one game earlier where he caught one pass on five targets. But one of those four “misses” was a DPI call, one was overthrown (he was open in the endzone), and one was underthrown.

Apparently all incompletions are the receiver’s fault. ;D

Either way Jones is averaging one conpletion per game and one incompletion. His role to me is that of decoy / pylon and yes I agree Ungerer and Kalinic look great. Jones is decent too just not a starter. i don,t. Have a hate on. Jones is ok . Tuggle is ok at times and Leonard is ok at times . Evans has been very poor thus far . I think he is a good backup QB.

I love our two national rb’s Erlington and Irons and together they can be a ratio bust. I love Banks and Tasker and think Addison is developing into a star. Acklin and Tucker have big upsides…I love both our oline and dline with special marks for j’gared Davis. I love Simoni and Rico is good and can play many positions. Adeleke has been a great find and huge upgrade as has Wynn. Our entire secondary is more aggressive and hitting harder and not making many mistakes and not allowing any yac yards as 7 yard catches end up as 8 yard gains and not ten. I assume Mark Washington and the other defensive coaches have influenced this positive change. Frankie Williams has become a great db at corner and half and a great kick returner. He seems to be getting better each week. Leonard has had 2 great weeks in a row…
In my eyes , we just might have the best defence in the CFL. Last week certainly indicated that.

I don’t think it is fair to suggest I leave this site. I love the Ticats and do not have a hate on for any players. There are some positions that I feel we could improve upon to make the Grey Cup…that is all.

Not sure what Jones’s actual reception ratio is, nor what any of the other receivers’ ratios are. I do know that a number of years ago, I calculated the ratio for all of our starting receivers - Bruce, Mann, Stala, McDaniel. Stala earned his nickname at 80%, and the other three were sitting around 65%. I suspect that Jones is around there as well.

But no, they don’t throw his way much as the wide side receiver - par for the course for that position. Is he the best receiver on the team? No. Is he the best player we have for that position? I think so. Does he bring flexibility for the ratio? Yup.

Would I cut him? Hell no. Would I bench him? Not at this time. Maybe once I see more of Ungerer, to see if he can run as fast, run better routes, and catch better than Jones. But we really haven’t seen that much of him yet, so who knows?


Dominic Davis is “very poor”, his stats back that up fairly well.

Dane Evan’s is somewhere in the range of half decent to good, not great, but at the very least he is helping to put this team in a position to win football games.

Your disdain for Evans confuses me greatly.

He clearly isn’t perfect, but he is not as bad as you make him out to be. Maybe your expectations are just a tad unrealistic for the young QB.

Maybe you could elaborate why you are so down on him.

Why do you seemingly have no patience for his development?

Please don’t encourage him . ::slight_smile:

Pat Lynch ( older than dirt)

If I was Mike Jones uncle like his actual one (Clyde Gray) I would be interested in meeting with him to discuss his views on my nephew. :o

Also didn’t know of this family connection. Does Rod Black know about this?

I can’t help myself.

Besides, I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt for the chance at a constructive conversation.

Maybe he has something interesting to say about it…

Or maybe he is just pessimistic and impatient, expecting too much of a young QB.

Or maybe he isn’t willing to lower his expectations simply because of his inexperience…

I can tell that he is just as anxious to see this team hoist the Grey Cup as much as anyone else on the forum.

Anyway, I just hope to get a response

I still need someone to explain to me why it’s a bad thing when a player steps up to take on a bigger role (and produces the better-than-expected results) following injuries to teammates.

If not for all those injuries last year we likely would not have seen Addison play at all. Maybe we should cut Addison.

He has ruined any hope of a descent discussion on these boards. Disdained by most posters. Is there nothing the mods can do to finally turf him?

Gentleben is not breaking any forum rules. Unlike this post. Lay off the trolling please

Ungerer has made 1, yes 1 catch & 1 catch only. And on the strength of that 1 catch, you’re proposing to replace Jones?

That’s just ludicrous. I’ve seen more though go into choosing a table in a restaurant.

Hey Count, I think we both know who sits at the kids’ table at Christmas . I try to totally ignore the Ramblings but sometimes I just can’t take it anymore .

Pat Lynch ( the TiCat fan )

There is a looooong history on this forum of people not understanding the role of the Z receiver. On most plays they’re pretty much a decoy. But if not covered they become an open receiver.

I really wish that people had to pass a football IQ test before being able to post on this forum - because the ignorance is quite often out of control.

So we’re all pussy footing around the fact that a certain poster has absolutely no freakin’ clue about football. Again I wish we could create a post voting whether he should be allowed to continue to troll. This is the only reason he is posting such absurdity.
Needs to be voted off the island. Please ???