Mike Jones

Very simple, a lot needs to change so let's start with a guy who obviously is at peak performance will not get any better, the new Jasper Collins 5 year starter who always seems in over his head

That crucial drop was a killer.

Drop was bad but it's a once a game (minimum) occurrence with the guy. Hes not good, not avg not a blocking threat even.

Jones is not good enough.

If you need a Canadian receiver
You have Mitch O’Conner on PR and Rob Bagg still a Free Agent. Anyone can drop that ball? Why keep Jones ?

you guys are nuts, him and Saunders have been the silver lining of this receiving group this season. (when Tasker isn't playing anyway)

You guys are nuts! He's the next Aprille! Recognize talent now.

We didn't lose the game because Mike Jones dropped a ball. We lost because we didn't have a running game and no Steve Tasker . I don't know if Timmis and Thomas Erlinton are knicked but it appears to these old eyes that White is not the answer at running back.

Some of the missed passes were Bob Uecker types , that is just a little high and outside .Meanwhile the DBs need more time on the Jugs machine because we're at the bottom of the league in intercepts.

It's not Mike Jones' fault that we're losing games . The defence played well enough to win but if you can't/won't run the ball, then passing for over 300 yards really doesn't matter.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Not his fault we lost I just don't see the reason to keep him he's not gonna get better than this he will always just be this good we've seen his best. Why keep mediocre around.

It may or may not be his fault that we lost but he sure didn't help matters. One thing is for sure though, HE CAN'T CATCH. He's brutal.

Jones is terrible. Dropped balls to kill drives, take potential points off the board and he dives to the ground when a tackle is imminent.

How many times have we seen this act before? He is a wasted roster spot. I don't give a crap about how good he is in practice because when he is in at game time he sucks!

Quick question :

Would Jones be deemed good enough to be a starter on any other team in this league ?


Maybe Mtl , maybe Tor…two teams that are currently worse than us…but as for the other 6 teams ?..Not a hope in Hell !!!

I could name a couple other players that fall into that category

Names , names I want names . :-\

It's not Mike Jones' problem when Masoli throws him a 5 yard pass when he needs 10..... and Jones is covered.

Ignoring the weekly drops and lack of yac yards nicely.

I mean the only thing anyone has ever said positive about him is hes fast yet he never outruns anyone EVER!! Where is this speed???

I'm not getting baited into that conversation. :slight_smile:

Dr: And you are ignoring the bad passes, too high and too low, that Masoli throws way too often.
And why are you concentrating on Jones anyway? He is not the only one who drops passes. Regardless, this team's problems go way beyond Jones.

And here I thought Jones showed up and played reasonably well. Would have had a beautiful catch for TD, but Jeremiah misjudged end zone and threw about 5 or so yards too deep.

Said right away in first post he's not the reason why we lost, even if we won I want him gone tho my opinion is he's shown us all he's got and it's not good enough.