Mike Jones: Who Is This Guy?

Who is Mike Jones?

part 2........

May I just add that Jones is the player who will be our team nominee for the year end award for MOC .

He won't win the East nomination (that will go to Ottawa's Brad Sinopoli) BUT he will get the team nomination......Book It......because it's going to happen .

If this isn't the skycam wire than its something else, however I'm pretty sure it is. I'm not saying 100% that it hit the wire but on the broadcast it was clear that it went from a spiral to a duck pretty quickly. Definitely not "Always behind the play"

Nice snapshot Crash, I do believe you are correct

I think all Hamilton fans can safely agree with the following.

If and when the TSN camera wires affect a play on the field, whether or not there is a rule in place that covers the scenario, somehow HAM will be negatively affected by the decision.

Daly is also making a case for himself. Laurent is a perennial contender. And then there’s Revenberg or Filer from the O-line. (I’m gonna say it will not be our kicker this year.)

Probably depends on which of the above finish the strongest.

And judging by Jones’ head and eyes, he is not looking back into the sun, as we guessed from our seats, but right at the ball. I’m thinking it must have hit the wire. Should probably be a rule making this a “dead ball? or even a “mulligan? down. Not part of the field of play like the goal posts or officials are?

Those could be the shadows of the wires. I can’t imagine the TSN wires being low enough to affect a passing play. You got punts that travel way higher than that. The ball could have hung up for a second from a sudden wind gust also. Anybody remember Shaun White’s kick in Guelph?

After the play was whistled dead Mike Jones (great first name btw) pointed up. He would not be pointing to the sun (as in he lost it in the sun) rather I believe he was pointing at the wire that the ball hit. Now 'Soli has hit two goal posts and one television camera wire. What is next?.. Stay tuned. :o

It was so obvious for those of us in view that the wires were there.

It could have just been the position the camera was in, or the person at the controls made a mistake.

I do think the reaction of Jones/Banks said alot.

Was sitting in south west corner of the stadium and had the same thoughts. A bunch of us thought it might have hit the wire based on the ball flight/reactions of the players on the field.

Wow, I’m impressed the Mike Jones haters didn’t just come out and say “cut 'em” lol!

If it was the wires, CFL offices need to confirm it and apologize…and how are we going to stop this from happening again.
Must say, mostly everything was going right for us that day…Posey having ball go through his hands for TD was classic…

If you look at the picture closely you can see the wire shadow line cast onto the football. If the pass had hit the wire then the line that is visible across the ball would not be visible since it would be on the other side of the football in that picture.

IMO Sinkfield or Elliot would have caught it.

You’re maybe onto something Krisiun. I’m no good with physics or math, but if you look at the shadow of the ball, it is much lower in the frame than the wires. If we are looking at the shadows of the wires, and the ball is striking the wires, would not the shadows all have been at the same level in the picture? Either the ball shadow should be higher, or the wire shadows lower? I’m leaning more to a wind gust, as even Masoli didn’t mention hitting wires when asked in his post-game question. An interesting, if somewhat purely speculative discussion, nonetheless.

Does anyone else get as wide open as Mike Jones does?

Watched the replay of the game this morning and TSN’s Matt Scianitti had a halftime interview with Jones . It was mentioned jokingly that perhaps that Masoli should maybe refrain from throwing to that side of the field to Jones due to the sun . Jones kinda laughed it off but never mentioned anything about the ball possibly hitting the guide wire . So the mystery I guess continues .

Yup. Good eye Palmer. That's the other piece of evidence that debunks the wire theory. The shadows of the ball and wires on the turf indeed do not line up.

See we didn't even need to send this picture to MUFON for analysis. We busted this myth all on our own. ;D

Personally I don’t think that the wires are casting a shadow onto the dark green turf that would be actually visible in a cell phone picture off a TV. The only reason you can see those wires is because of the white cement background.

Of course next time we’re at THF we’re all going to look at the placement of those wires anyways.


What a catch just now!!! I say we sign him ?

It's simple... eye protection.