Mike Jones: Who Is This Guy?

Man! Don’t look now but Mike Jones has become Hamilton’s Craig Ellingson, or what? All of a sudden he’s in on the big plays. Game changing plays. The one long ball from Masoli he somehow caught looked for sure like a pick but the receiver bobbled it and Mike Jones was able to maintain is focus on the ball while simulateously falling to the turf and he didn’t flinch in surprise when the ball hit him in the hands. He just cooly came up with the ball like it was just meant to be. That was second down and if we had to punt, BC were riding the momentum and were still within striking distance of coming back. It was a big play by Mike Jones who quietly is making a big roar in Ticatland.

Big play as you mention the momentum was shifting in the litter box.

Has a CFL Player ever used flip down Polaroid sun glasses ?

He’s really starting to finally make plays, don’t know why anyone would wear a clear visor tho

I actually thought the deep ball hit the TSN camera wire. It seems to duck short pretty quickly and wobble at the end. Him and Banks were both pointing up at something after the play discussing it with the ref.

It definitely came down like a duck shot out of the sky. I was trying to figure out how it could just drop like a rock like that. TSN Wire explanation fits.

Happened right in front of us. We thought he lost it in the sun, looking back at Jeremiah. We thought it was a repeat of the hit on the visor pass that occured in almost the same spot. It did seem that Jones was expecting the ball to be more in front of him as he ran down the field, but it landed maybe 5 yards away from him, to his left, more in field. The wire would explain it, did anything show on the broadcast?

We sit on the cannon East side, and had a great view of the throw. We figured it was the wire or the wind knocking it down, but it didn’t look underthrown and didn’t look like Jones misjudged it.

Would love to know if the wire got it. If so it would just be another “ah let it go” moment in the CFL.

I’m just glad the game didn’t come down to “the wire,” Crash! Can you imagine this board if they lost the game and suddenly that wire merits a Congressional Inquiry? Good luck trying to figure out that murder mystery.

I think it was clearly established even before kickoff where the territorial pee pee’s were and who owned the litter box. 8)

Oh thank Gawd. I thought you were comparing him to Greg Ellingson. I still have nightmares of sitting at TD Place Stadium on a November day as Greg ran right past my seat to put Ottawa into the Grey Cup.

I think that’s what he was going for. A Hybrid of Greg Ellingson’s possession game, and first 5 games of the season Craig Yeast’s deep threat ability! woo

typos are fun, and keep this place a little bit silly. i like that

I sit right where it happened and just went and watched it on broadcast again. Jones simply lost it in the sun. TSN camera is always behind the QB never in front for reasons like this.

It's the wire. Not the camera. The wire can't always be behind the play.

I’m aware, and yes it can, that is the way the system is designed.

Sorry but that's not true. We all made a point of looking at the wire which was clearly down field.

It's normally quite high and in this example it might have just been an optical illusion with regards to height.

Did I do that? Please excuse my carelessness. I’m just going to leave it like that as a reminder to myself to proof read before posting next time.

Who is Mike Jones?

I’m going to say he is the current Tiger-Cat player with the most threads started about him other than the starting QB.

Hmm, how about grassy knoll, big blue hair, and Marge Simpson for 500 , Alex ?

Pat Lynch (the old conspiracy theorist)

Think you're looking for this thread instead Pat:



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