Mike Jones tests positive

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#Ticats REC Mike Jones tests positive for banned substance, facing two-game ban.

Jones released a statement through his agent:

[i]“On Friday, September 15, following our game versus the Saskatchewan Roughriders, I was informed by the CFL Players’ Association that I tested positive for a banned substance called dehydrochlormethyltestosterone after a random drug test. I had never heard of this substance, and I have never intentionally consumed it. In fact, I had each of my supplements checked on two occasions (before and after), and each time they were deemed safe. I cannot say exactly how dehydrochlormethyltestosterone was found in my urine, but I am both responsible and accountable for what’s found in my body. I apologize to the CFL, CFLPA, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, and my family for the way this incident may reflect upon them. I will be sure to take additional steps to ensure I am putting safe supplements in my body so that this never happens again. Playing professional football in Canada is a privilege, and I would never do anything to jeopardize or tarnish the purity of the game of football in the CFL. Thank you to my loved ones for their support throughout this process.?[/i]

Well that's one way of getting him out of the lineup I suppose :o. I'm just wondering if maybe perhaps his locker is right beside Speedy B's locker ? ::slight_smile: ???

At least someone on the team is owning up to their mistakes. That said, I thought it was written in the CBA that details aren't made public until it's the second failed test for performance enhancers.

I an no Dr but i don't thinkdehydrochlormethyltestosterone has traces of stick'em as an ingredient.

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#Ticats REC Mike Jones is at practice today. Suspension yet to be officially announced. #CFL

How was he "owning up" ? he was caught by a random drug test but then says he had never heard of the banned substance. :o :o

I wonder if I have dehydrochlormethyltestosterone in my body?

Under the policy, a suspended player cannot participate in games. It is up to the Club to determine whether that player can participate in other team activities, such as practices and meetings.

And this
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#Ticats clearly aren't expecting a suspension for DB Demond Washington, ejected for spitting vs. #Riders. He's practicing in his usual spot.

I always just used H2O when I played sports. :o

Well whatever it was that he supposedly had in his body , if it was suppose to enhance his performance ? ...........it obviously wasn't working ::):o

I was waiting for that one:D. Sadly, also flashed through my mind. Maybe too hyped?

It should also be noted that Mike Jones tested positive for "Butterfingers" ::slight_smile:

Chambers trade making even more sense after this news. If M Jones knew right after the Sask game, presumably the team knew at the same time or shortly afterwards, i.e. in advance of the trade.

If Esks also knew, something tells me their asking price would have been higher as they sensed our desperation. Maybe we had already been discussing the trade with them and just needed to pull the trigger.

Why do you say that "it wasn't working"? You should have seen him before....

The Eagle 8) 8) 8)

He's not disputing the results or appealing the suspension. He's openly admitting, he took supplements that must have been tainted to which I can only say with how common it is now a days, just stick to Whey.

"I cannot say exactly how dehydrochlormethyltestosterone was found in my urine, but I am both responsible and accountable for what’s found in my body."

I would consider that owning up to it...accepting responsibility and being accountable.

You people are being pretty mean to this kid. Just a guy trying to live his CFL dream.

We've witnessed Banks drop some key throws and how many screen passes has Gable bobbled this year so far? Yet the pitchfork mob doesn't say much about that.

Actually Banks and Gable are probably among the top 3 targets of the pitchfork mob in 2017, along with Collaros. (not counting Austin)

Thats true. But fans are a lot more forgiving of their under-performing favourites especially after they make a nice play.

Well, I guess it helps (or ought to help) if you have once played at an elite level. (Don't try to tell that to Zach though.)

Mike has some work to do to build up that initial credibility to help him survive the inevitable teardown by the fans.