Mike Jones is a joke!

I think he means their first year they walked into a starting position and played well.

Mike Jones really needs to protect the ball in traffic.

I don't know how you manage to produce a video loop, like that, Grover. It would be interesting to compare that one to one of the newcomer Baines on a play which started at the S33 yd. line in the Cats' second last drive. The play I'm thinking of was 4 plays prior to the 4th QTR 3-minute time out.

You never mentioned that the draft pics had to be Hamilton’s. Andy was a first-rounder, and had instant success.

The original premise was that we should cut Jones and trade for a better player, presumably a better National. My feeling is that teams with starting national players rarely give them up, unless through free-agency or a trade that either fills an on-going or outstanding need, and they generally have a quality national to step in for ratio purposes. Rarely, he might be picked up as a later cut off the practice roster.

A more common route is through the draft and internal development. In the case where a national that joins a team and becomes a starter, I believe that he would no doubt have been scouted, vetted, and with the team at training camp. I don’t believe he would suddenly appear in mid-season, unannounced or unknown, and step into a starting role. Jones is playing because of his nationality, I grant you, but this is his opportunity to develop and to show that he can be that starter. If he doesn’t, the opportunity can only improve his prospects as a solid back-up in the future. Either way, as has been said by others, this is how you grow Canadian talent in the CFL.

Shamaud Chambers was a free agent.....how come they made no attempt to sign him!

Maybe they tried, back in February, and Chambers chose to go back to a familiar place (EDM).
But, according to Justin Dunk, the Cats have got him now.

I should me GM......

for those of you defending him, he cannot catch the ball, drops every game, it is killing this team

My hopes are that someone was reading this thread.... Trade for a CAN receiver today....thank goodness... now let's try drafting the highly ranked ones and developing them.

First of all, the CFL is already great . Secondly, I hope you're not suggesting that the Chambers trade has anything to do with this thread . If TiCat management needs our guidance, they are in trouble . Your suggestion of drafting receivers and developing them is exactly what the Cats are doing with Jones . The Lions 3rd pick overall was Vandervoort from McMaster . He was an excellent CIS receiver but has seen little action with B.C. . It takes time and patience to develop Canadian players . Wally knows what he's doing . Why can't we give the Cats the benefit of the doubt on player development, too .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Your brilliance is noted.... so is Mike Jones drug use... ergo his awesome speed you mentioned.... yawn...

Thanks for the compliment . ::slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)