Mike Jones is a joke!

Maybe the worst wide receiver I have seen in a Ticats uniform. Only reason he has a roster spot is because of where he's born. Hey, I suck too, I can't catch either and I'd probably fumble anything I accidently caught too...

Seriously, do we have to suffer through another week of this guy again...pathetic!

I blame Kent Austin for this. He knew Andy Fantuz would be injured for most of the year and he needed to trade for or sign a free agent starting national receiver not Mike Jones

he has no mobility and not great hands and can't protect the ball

That's pretty lame to dig up blame on Mr. Austin...Jones will be gone!

Jones played much better earlier in the year. The last few games he has been awful.

Put Baines in the game until Andy gets back.

Mike Jones is a young guy with speed. He's going to get better with experience . This is his first year as a starter due to numerous injuries in the receiving corps . Be patient with young guys . He is not a joke . He is a professional football player with limited experience . Calvillo was young and terrible in Hamilton and we let him go, rather than bringing him along slowly . Now, he's in the Hall of Fame .

If TiCat management is going to listen to some disgruntled fans, then they will be sitting with them, as the old saying goes .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Disappointing to see him play like this but I gotta agree with you. We’re a train wreck this year…give the guy some experience looking towards next season being a whole lot better.
From another old guy?

I’m all for developing a young Canadian if there’s actually capable Canadians in front of them. He’s not a starter, and he’s not good enough to be on the gameday roster because he’s weak and can’t play special teams either…

Baines has shown more in 2 games then Jones all year. We’ve let soo many good CAN receivers walk and we draft them horribly, if at all. We got hoodwinked on Danny Vandervoor by a real GM/coach in Buono who’s stacked w them.

Cut Jones now. Trade for someone who’s capable of both wr and special teams. We don’t need guys who can run fast and nothing else…

From someone who’s old enough to be thinking about retirement but not quite there yet ;)jk

Unless you can trade or pick up a FA, the only way to have quality National players is to draft them and develop them. Can’t think of very many Nationals who have walked into a CFL camp and starred as a starter. And none who have done it in September.

The Cats had an opportunity to draft Nate Bahar (spelling) but choose to go in the other direction. Looks like Jones has the speed but he has difficulty catching and tucking the ball in. I
would part his but in front of a jugs machine to work on technique and most importantly confidence.

In another thread, this week, I pointed out that Mike Jones' stats this year are better, in 10 games played, than Spencer Watt's were, as a TiCat, for 15 games. Jones hasn't played well recently, I agree. But, I believe he will become, at least, an average NAT WR in this league. I think he's lacking confidence, right now, after a series of drops and turnovers (memories of Brock Ralph, here a decade, or so, ago). The good news, at that position, is that newcomer Mitchell Baines, looked good snagging both of the first pro passes thrown his way and was extra good hanging onto the ball as he drove for extra yards. When Fantuz returns, we may see more of #82 and less #12. In the meantime, Jeremiah should be more likely to look Baines' way.

The sad reality of this is simply this and that reality is that Mike Jones would not be a starter or even close to being considered to be a starter on any other team in this league . As a matter of fact this team's Cdn content and depth at the moment is beyond a shadow of a doubt the absolute by a long shot the worst in the league . Jones reminds me of another Cdn receiver that we drafted in the mid two thousands who never lived up to his potential and never failed to disappoint with his erratic play . Anyone else remember Chris Bauman ? Eerily similar in how they mirror each other when you look at it.

This team currently has at least 6 quality or serviceable Cdns on their 1 gm and 6 gm IL (Laurent,Daly,Davis,Atkinson,Shorthill,Timmis) . One of the main and major problems ( among many other problems ) that this team has at the moment is the sad state of affairs when looking at their active roster and seeing the absolute lack of talent and depth in our Cdn content . Taking a look at last nights roster and of the 21 home brews listed I would easily say that close to half of them would not be good enough to make an active roster anywhere else in this league.

The saying in this league has always been the team with the best Cdns is the team that wins games . Well looking at the Cdns on our roster and it really isn't that much of a mystery as to why this team is currently sitting at only 2 wins on the season .

Your mention, bobo82, of Chris Bauman makes me question my mention of Brock Ralph in the post, just prior to yours. My memory fails me, but certainly one of them, if not both, did have some bad times, in a TiCat uniform, similar to Mike Jones today. If I'm wrongly remembering one of them, I apologize.

From Baines’ Dad(He is the beat writer for the REDBLACKS)

Tim Baines?
Proud of this kid. First two CFL regular-season catches.




I purchased Bauman's game helmet from a Tiger Cat online auction for $200.00 much less than the original purchace price. I gave it to my nephew. Bauman and Ralph were a huge disappointment. Hands of stone.

The one thing I remember about Brock Ralph was the fact that he had blazing speed and was always quick off the line . The problem of course was that he was so quick off the line that he led the league in offside penalties . It seemed like he was good for at least two or three every game , and always at crucial times naturally . Yup , Brock Ralph was a true dyed in the wool drive buster for this team with all his offside calls and of course in those rare moments when he wasn’t offside and was actually thrown a pass nine out of ten times he would either drop it , miss it or fumble it . :-[

Early front-runner for this week’s prize for “Most Inappropriate Calvillo Reference”

I think I just heard you say that we should hold on to everyone who plays badly, because Calvillo once played badly.

LOL !!! No worries or apologies needed ottawacat , yer memory is fine ;).Both Ralph and Bauman save for the odd game here and there were both equally terrible with more bad times than good times while wearing a TiCat uniform .

The guy is simply just a terrible receiver, basically only useful if he catches the ball wide open and immediately steps out of bounds cause any, ANY!! Contact to him and he'll drop or fumble it. Weakest hand strength I've seen in a pro player. And forget this fast stuff he might be Canadian fast but I haven't seen actual fast out of this guy once. Honestly he plays cause he's national but who here can honestly say we wouldn't be equal or better with a jar of maple syrup out at WR next game.

Andy Fantuz
Rockie DiPietro
Brandon Revenberg

Andy was a FA from Saskatchewan, Rocky and Brandon we draft choices developed by the team. Your point?