Mike Jones and Mike Daly

I did not think either guy had it in them. They both very well the last 2 games. Daly had the worst game umagineable against Calgary constantly being out run and missing tackles and suddenly is seeing the field abd the play much better getting interceptions and big hits. Jones has shown he can get open on the long ball and actually catch it providing the sun or his helmet do no get in his way.
So , are these two guys for real. Can Daly’s smarts make up for his lack of speed and strength?
Can Jones speed make uo for his lack of mobility and athleticism ? I guess we will find out. My guess is they are not as good as they were the last two games and not as bad as they were all the other games

So Daly and Jones lack strength, mobility and speed ? Mike has 3 intercepts and 1 TD and 47 tackles . Not bad for a safety. You do know that he plays safety, right? Jones has run through the corner coverages in the league and draws flags when he’s not catching passes .

You, my friend, are not watching the same games that the rest of us are watching . :frowning:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

I am indeed watching the same games you are watching Pat. You are entitled to your opinion and that does not mean it is fact.

Daley & Jones seem to have found a home…it took a little while but sure played great that last game!

That’s the problem with fans and others like you Gerbear…a player has a bad game or two and their football careers should be over, (don’t worry I’ve seen your other posts). I’ll trust the coach’s player evaluation any day since they see that player in more situations than you and I ever will.

I like both of these players; but BC is a useless team, and it was proven.

Against a top rated opponent like Calgary, they struggled a couple weeks back.

Hopefully they can both be there for us for the duration of the season.

That's why Calgary is the best team in the league. People struggle against them.

And Daly didn't play that bad against Calgary. He got beat on a jump ball by a great play. Sometimes you have to remember the other guy gets paid to make plays too.