Mike is Watching !

Before you make your final decision on renewing, watch the video below and put everything into perspective, please !


This was such a moving piece. I don't really think the casual fan ever had any idea that Bob Young's dedication to the team wasn't just for "hopeful" monetary gain. We are so lucky to have an owner who is so compassionate and family-oriented. I didn't know that there was the "Mike is Watching" sign in the dressing room area. Hopefully this sign will still have its premier place in the new IWS. Thanks again Bob for all you do!

Remember Jake: A fan until the end

[url=http://www.thespec.com/news/local/article/628113--jake-a-fan-until-the-end]http://www.thespec.com/news/local/artic ... il-the-end[/url]

Exploiting the death of people in an attempt to sell tickets is one of the lowest things I've ever witnessed on these boards. If you're connected to this team in any, shape or form, as some have suggested, you should be terminated immediately.
You're using these men's deaths as a means to profit financially (sell tickets) and that goes way beyond reasonable or acceptable.
The fact that it's being allowed t stay is also speaking volumes.

Not sure how to respond to this rant, except to say that your core assumption is incorrect, TC23 is just a fan like you. And of course it can stay, as with any posts you might chose to make, we edit these forums as little as possible.

On top of which you obviously never met my brother Michael. He would be wildly enthusiastic about -anything- that helped the Tiger-Cats prosper. :wink:

Having said that - you should not (and I doubt anyone would) buy tickets just because you thought the TSN story was heart-warming. That story might be a good reason to watch TSN (hoping for more heart-warming stories), but it is unlikely to cause anyone to buy a ticket to a four hour CFL football event.

The principle reason we agreed to tell TSN that story is because Michael had so many friends and relatives across Canada who miss him, and it was a fun (if a little wistful) way to honour his memory.

Glad you commented on this Bob, I never got the privilege to meet Mike, but I saw this segment also, and only wish I got that chance to meet him "Mike". He would be so so so happy in what you have done for his team! :thup: :thup: You are truly a hero to many of us in saving the team. We might not agree on everything, that what makes us human. But we can agree on Mike is watching from above and is so so proud of you Mr. Young! Bless you and your family!
See you at the town hall meeting on Wednesday! :thup:

With absolutely all due respect, and that can't be stressed enough, the Micheal posting didn't come across as tasteless, the second one however about the young man Jake, starts to look exploitive, and being asked to watch the video then reconsider our ticket buying is questionable.
The story of your brother is a heart warming story, and when the National Post ran it in 2008 it really touched the heart strings, when TSN did it again it was still very touching but perhaps not as deeply felt due to repetition. Now again with a huge amount of respect to you and your family, and yes with a very sensitive issue like this that does need to be repeated, from this side of the ticket counter, being asked to watch the video before making a decision on whether to renew or not honestly does make it come across as a promotional aid.
In 2008, my wife and I made ourselves familiar with the Micheal Young Family Foundation and it would seem fair if a mans' name is going to be used to solicit anything that the foundation be the recipient, not the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Keep in mind that it is not Mr. Young, SMitchell, or the marketing department positng the videos and asking people to remember them when making decisions about buying tickets. It is (I think) just a regular fan trying desperately to defend the organization at a time when the prevailing opinion seems to be against them.

I've shaken my head many times at the public misteps of the organization under the leadership of Scott Mitchell but I have never doubted Mr. Young and his integrity in trying to do the right thing under often very difficult circumstances. I hope that, whatever his motivation, his quest continues and that he is one day remembered as a local treasure and a major figure in CFL history.

Since we're commenting on the propriety of the posts of other fans, I'd like to join in.

Looper, I thought your first post in this thread was rude, presumptive, ill-advised and somewhat over the top.

Having received a response from the owner of the team that left no doubt that the underlying assumption of your first post was false, you chose to make another. I thought your second post was slightly less rude, and although it was clearly couched in language that suggested respect, I still found it to be disrespectful.

Hey, this is fun!

I would echo ExPats sentiments here. I felt similarly when I read this thread.


I think what Mr.Young is also saying (my interpretation) is that most of use fans have a story like his own. Our Ticats have been around for over 100 years, and to know a family member or friend that was a huge fan, weather it be Mom, Dad, uncle or whatever....has pasted this irresistible passion down to us.
These Ticats are in essence, a family heirloom that we all share, embrace and love. We pass it down to the next generation with pride and admiration!! I think this post is just a gentle reminder for use realize what makes us true Ticats fans... Everyone has an amazing story to tell like Bob Young! Stay true to those stories! Because we all share this one magnificent gem!! Go Cats go!!

I was going to share my storey and was hoping to hear some neat stories, but that went south pretty quick with Loppers Rant/Interpretation :thdn:

Knowing TC23 fairly well his intentions are to promote the Ticats in a positive vein. The personal attacks on the forums force many to stay in the background and not post anything on the forums. If you can make it out next year then do so, if not then wait until 2014 and come back to support he team. If you can't do either support the team emotionally any way you can. Please try to be a positive poster on the forums and show support any way you can.

:D :D :D

The only thing the team has used the memories of Micheal and Jake for is to preform on the field. Never for ticket sales. Although in Jakes case it also inspired an F-bomb on national TV by Stala, But we forgive him :wink: .

To even imply that Mr. Young would allow his team to use the loss of his brother to sell tickets is insulting in the least. Bob has acted with integrity the entire time he has owned this team, For his entire life as far as I know. We are lucky to have him as an owner. Once again Mr. Young thank you for buying this team and keeping it alive, for your brother, Jake and all of us fans.

Resounding echo and bump.

My thanks too.

To Bob and his Brothers: Thank you for having the bravery to share such a personal story with Canada. Losing loved ones before their time is difficult period, let alone to cancer. Honouring your brothers memory with is story is a fantastic gesture to Mike given his passion for the Ticats and I'm sure he's smiling. God Bless ya Bob!
It goes without saying, that Mike's story also gives some perspective and background as to why to bought the team and are seeing it through. Awesome again.

Happy Holiday's to you and your entire family Bob.
See you in Guelph!
Jarrett Harris
Founder and Hamilton Coordinator CFL Fans Fight Cancer