Mike Holmes - Cornerback

I have been reding alot of good things about Mike Holmes .

He had a very good career at Syracuse as their Cornerback and kick returner . He had an increadible amount of tackles and was said to be maybe to slow for corner in the NFL and not big enough to be a safety . This all sounds like he could be a canddate fro SAM linebacker .

He has been on 3 NFL rosters over the passed two years .

Ranks fifth on SU’s career record list for tackles by a defensive back (271 tackles) A three-year starter at cornerback and free safety, he had six career interceptions. He also recorded a 23.5-yard average as a kickoff returner with one touchdown and returned 30 punts for a 10.4-yard average.

Syracuse’s Mike Holmes lacks the quickness of a pro cornerback and the size of a pro safety, but he has good instincts …


. He played against Colgate in the BIG EAST so that explains why Austin knows him

....And he is Canada's Most Trusted Contractor, and the man whose defensive mission will be to Make it Right!

Aren't you talking about, Shylock Holmes. :?

So Bo Smith might not be coming back to haunt us ?

I think you may have answered your own question with the info in the link from PFF.

Holmes looks like a quality prospect & one that can contribute on multiple levels especially in the CFL game.

But, as described, he's a 'tweener. Of course 'tweeners can be to the benefit in the CFLmand find a very useful home here north of the Mason Dixon ...

As far as him being a prospect for SAM LB ... I think Mr. Holmes is a little too short & light to have to cover the typical slot backs in the CFL. He'd be giving up significant size against players like Richardson & Simon & Fantuz & Lewis etc, etc. And as far as the run game is involved ... I think his 186 pounds would get washed away too easily.

As you mentioned ... He has punt/kick return skills and abilities ... It's just not very often that your kick returner is also your SAM LB.

I see the young Orangeman as a back up DB/S and a significant special teams contributor.

As far as looking for your next SAM LB and backup/replacement to Markeith Knowleton ... Ricardo Colclough & Dominique Harris as far as the guys I've seen play.

Hey Fender Guy and others

  1. Who do you see as the main candidates for our Defensice END pass RUSH ? should keep an eye on Marshall, Scott, Lewis,Obiora

  2. How do you think they wuill utilize Shomari Williams ( DE) and Bulcke ( DT ) on the Dline ? Rotation ? One on import ? two ? I ;d like to see Torri Davis or Terrence Moorer at one DT SPOT if not both .

  3. Who looks to be the leding candidate at MLB ? Lawrence ? then Bowman ?
    Anyone think Austin will keep JAMAL AND MARKIETH around ?

  4. Who looks to be the leading candudates to take on the Chirs Williams role as kick returner and big play receiver ? Lyle Leong ? Varner ? Hodge?

5 Which Qb might make the

  1. What are we doing at running back withour Mallet and Coburne ? ..Chevon Walker ? Gable ? both ?

7 Will Giguerre still start or will we go with an import there and two import RB's at times since Hinds and Shomari Williams / Bulcke add more non import starters

9 I am guessing Dile and Simmons will have some tight comepetion form Figuerro and Gonzaless on the oline ?

10 It seems a few db's will push for job ( Holmes ( syracuse ) , Lynn ( Penn State ) , Parks (Florida State )
i hope we keep Colclough ,,really liked what i saw ..Webb , Hinds, Patrrick, Mcculough HAVE INSIDE TRACK ON starting positions to compete with the 3 guys i mentioned .

Well According to Rick Zamperin he has just been cut.
Rick Zamperin ?@rickzamperin
Two more #Ticats rookie camp casualties. RB Montel Harris & DB Mike Holmes have been given their walking papers. #CFL #CFLTC13 #HamOnt

Guess he’s no Bo Smith :wink:

Maybe Tillman is bring good players in for OTTAWA ..He looks at them and if he figures they are good he cuts them and then gets Ottawa to add them to their NEGOTIATION list :slight_smile:

So far they could have a pretty good team :

Mike Holmes CB
Montell Harris RB
Monte Lewis DE
Brandon Peguese DE
Geoff Tisdale HB
Deon Beasley HB
Bo Smith HB
Aaron Kelly SB

I'm pretty sure that you can't add players that have been previously signed to a contract and attended camp/practice/game to your negotiation list. These cut/released players are FA's. They can be signed by anyone. Negotiation lists allow you exclusivity amoungst the CFL teams to negotiate with a specific player that has not signed a contract of played/practiced/tried out in the CFL.

I was justing being sarcastic
tryimng to emphasize the qualiity of the players they are cutting :

I just though that maybe they are cutting some of the very good prospects because they only came to hamilton with the understanding that they would only stay for a certain salary ..like say 125 K or so ..and once Austrin saw that they guy was good but not great that went back to him and said well if yoiu make it the salry may nbe more like 75 k and they said forget it

guys like the DB Holmes and RB Montel Harris may have only stayed here if they were given a certain salary lke 125 K AND Austin took a look and said not worth it ...he is no better than Gable and Gable will play for 75 K ?

I'm pretty certain money has nothing to do with it at this point. I don't see us even bringing in a rookie who is asking for 125k. It's a very fast paced and competitive game. Some players coming up through the US system just can't adapt fast enough.

Holmes was released today: