Mike Hogan's replacement not CFL-friendly

So the new morning show will be a Don Imus wannabe then Andrew Krystal which means a more 'in your face' sensationalized style. MOJO, Howard Stern, and the Fabulous Sports Babe didn't work so I doubt this new format will either. As someone else mentioned, why would anyone tune into a sports station to hear current events when that format is available from many other stations? Rogers overpaid for the Bills so maybe this is a desperate attempt to save their investment.

What needs to happen now is another station step up and fill the gap the FAN is creating. One of the local Hamilton stations could replicate Football Friday or some other regular sports theme during their morning shows.

Doesn't matter who the FAN 590 gets these days, he( or she )will just be another cheerleader for all things Rogers!

The Jays are great!!!

The Rogers Centre is a great place to watch a football game!!!

Toronto is an NFL town!!!

...Geez, it's like they're all given PomPoms as soon as they're hired.

As said above, we can't underestimate just how bad Ralph did take Rogers to the bank on this. Rogers is a corporation and looks at the bottom line big time, of course like anyone. They infested a lot in this Bills series and I guess are now going to pull out all the stops to try and get people to buy tickets, even if it means hiring a guy like this.

But it's weird because if they did more CFL friendly stuff with this Bills series with the Argos and TiCats, say have an Argos/TiCats game with one of the Bills game, meaning season ticket holders for the Argos and TiCats get a half priced ticket or have a special tent in front of the Rogers Centre etc. whatever, I might be inclined to buy a ticket to a Bills game in Toronto. But I guess they don't see the value in that, so be it. Their marketing people at Rogers should have been trying to make a fun thing out of the game for Argos and Ticats fans and it could have been a real blast. Could have been a lot of fun. Oh well.

I'm not sure if that was intentional Earl but certainly accurate.

Me too, Earl. Sportsnet doesn't seem to have much to offer me, either. If the Leafs are on, I'll watch, but probably 95% of my sports viewing would come via TSN and CBC. Sportsnet's all over the UFC as well -- which I have some interest, but not enough to bother with. I prefer boxing and TSN fills that bill, too.

Sportsnet really turned me off when they started profiling Bills players and having some Bills guy on for NFL talk. About a 5 minute segment that seemed like an eternity.

And, I agree with your later post. If Rogers had turned the Bills Series into some kind of football-fest, embracing the CFL -- similar to how I think the Seahawks and Lions do it -- it would've been cool. I'm sure Ticat and Argos ticket holders woulda snapped up a lot of seats. Instead, they've decided to try and tell the 45 - 50k who attend CFL games each week in the horseshoe (plus the people who follow on TV) that their game is inferior. Dumb marketing if you ask me.

Thank you Toronto ! |Is all I have to say :slight_smile:

Good catch Ockham, no I didn't mean that to be honest but good take on it!

Dumb marketing for sure slo, didn't realize the Seahawks and Lions do some stuff. Maybe that's why that Montgomery guy I think it was at Rogers who was in charge of the Bills series left the company, who knows.

No need to boycott. What for?

Listen to the guy. If you don't like him, voice your opinion to management, then don't listen.

I station surf quite a bit and have found Mike Stafford at AM640 the most interesting talk on the airwaves these days. I find myself tuning into WGR quite a bit as well since Hogie left...for my sports fix.

Greg Brady will be a huge improvement over "The Game Plan" in the afternoons, and the Bobcat starts an hour earlier, which is good for me, as I can hear more of his interactions with callers in the 3-4 hour.

Krystal saying that T.O. is an NFL town is his first shot across the bow. He loves controversy.

True! It's the Krystal formula. Say something outrageous( you don't even believe yourself ), then defend it against irrate callers, humiliating them in the process.

Anyone who wants to be part of this formula, make sure you listen everyday and call in. Oh, and tell your friends!

I've listened to the FAN for years.

This ROGERS' inspired anti-CFL senitment is the last straw.

I'm done with them.

Hogan was great for not only CFL, but for CIS as well.

I really hope he pops up soemthere to continue his great coverage and insight into Canadian football. I really miss it.

tigershark: This Krystal fella seems like a major league version of that blowhard Bill Kelly.

OMG, I bet this Krystal guy won't believe this but I actually saw, that's right, saw first hand with my own little eyes, a guy on the street who had to be around 80 and looking every bit of it, wearing a Buffalo Bills cap!

Geez, I guess the NFL has some old geezers that are fans also. That's gotta hurt eh there Krystal Klear? :lol: :stuck_out_tongue: