Mike Hogan's replacement not CFL-friendly

I'm not sure why the FAN590 would hire a guy who isn't pro-CFL given that the station broadcasts Argo games. Seems like a very poor choice to replace Mike Hogan with this Don Imus wannabe.

An Argo-Cat fan

Andrew Krystal will join FAN 590 as mid-morning host on Aug. 16.

By Chris Zelkovich
Sports Media Columnist FAN 590 listeners, at least those who’ve hung in through the recent spate of fill-in hosts, will start noticing some subtle changes starting Monday.

A month after that, subtlety will go out the window.

That’s when Andrew Krystal takes over the mid-morning slot, Aug. 16 to be exact, and that’s when the FAN will really start to change. Krystal, you see, is one of those radio bad boys who crosses the line as much as he walks it.

And if his hiring is any indication, expect the yet-to-be-named morning hosts to be more Don Imus and less Andy Barrie.

Asked if a return to Toronto after five years in Halifax and a recent marriage had softened the rough edges a bit, Krystal replied that it hadn’t.

“I’ll be even bitchier,? he said Thursday from his Halifax home. “I’ve perfected my bitchability.

“There’s been no mellowing at all. The worst thing you can be on the air is bland.?

The word bland has never been used to describe Krystal. A lot of less complimentary words have been.

During previous incarnations at CFRB and 640, Krystal pushed the envelope hard. He was even banned from CTV Newsnet after telling fellow panelist Charles Adler that he would have voted for Adolf Hitler had Hitler been a Conservative.

Then there was the matter of a domestic issue that landed him in hot water in early 2007.

So what is this guy doing at the FAN?

“He is possibly the best talent at weaving a show together in this country,? said program director Don Kollins. “He is that good.

“We’re all familiar with his troubles, but he is so grounded now with a new wife and he’s thrilled to be coming back to Toronto.

“He takes it to the edge and some people think it’s beyond the edge. But I’m good with that.?

Krystal says he’s been given the green light to talk about whatever he wants.

“Don Kollins made it very clear to me that the libel lawyers at the FAN are under-utilized,? Krystal said, and may not have been joking.

But he’s not a shock jock and says he won’t be outrageous just for the sake of getting attention. He’ll discuss sports, politics, the weather and anything else that he believes interests his audiences.

“I’m not going to Toronto to be a bingo caller for baseball scores or stats,? he said. “I’m interested in big-picture stuff that’s also big tent.?

His show will be mainly sports talk, heavy on hockey. He’s a big-time hockey fan and used to do work for Leafs TV. He’s less a fan of the Blue Jays and Raptors unless they’re winning and even less so of the Canadian Football League.

“Toronto is an NFL town now,? he said.

TO is an NFL town? Nothing like kissing b$tt first day on the job. Mr. Teddy Rodgers must be sooo pleased.
I have a good idea, no one listen to the station and maybe the troll will go away.

Yeah, funny how that works ain't it. These radio personalities try to paint themselves as free thinking straight shooting no bs guys yet their opinions always seem to be in line with that of their boss.

didnt ted rogers die?

so paul godfrey i guess is the guy running that station now.

"toronto is an nfl town now"

really? then why did they have to paper the stadium for both games played there so far?


toronto, with all the people there.. only seem to care about the leafs and whats odd is the leafs usuallly suck worse than their other teams.

I dont even listen to The Fan anymore, with the exception of Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown. These Toronto media disgust me :x Bob has always maintained that the NFL will never be in Toronto, which is correct.

I heard another new FAN on-air guy, Zack Cooper around 9 AM on yesterday.

He said there wasn't much on TV Wednesday so he was channel-hopping

He happened upon the Argo/Calgary game

and he was surprised that the game caught his interest.

He said he's not a CFL fan because he sees it as "an old man's league,"

in other words, the CFL is only interesting to, and followed by, old men.

[ whereas the NFL is followed by the hip, young crowd. ]

Doc: Yup. The quicker we tune this self-centred jerk out the better.
I'll take bland radio over what this guy wants offer any day.

8) To begin with, yes, Ted Rogers died.
 Secondly, if we want to listen to more talk radio involving politics and weather, and any other topic of the day, why 
 would we listen to the Fan 590 ???

 You can get that same format all day by listening to CFRB, or CHML (if you're brave enough) !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

 I have the feeling that more listeners will be tuning Out the Fan, instead of tuning it in.

Since Toronto is not CFL-friendly it makes sense to me. Another season with poor attendance for Argo games, can't keep denying the NFL. If Torontonians want it why do we keep fighting this thing.
20,000 announced attendance at the last game!! come on guys its going to be over soon.

jaybird: I am not sure so Torontonians want the NFL. They don't seem to be turning out for the Bill's either.
I think once the blue team becomes competitive again ( they are off to a good start!) and the rest of the organization improves, they will draw respectable crowds.
Last season they outdrew us for home games!

I'm not sure Torontonians are turning out for any sports event except the Leafs of course. The Jays failing at attendance, the Raptors, Argos. Yes they out drew the Ticats last year but that's not saying much.
We actually have a bigger poulation base here. (the old 50 mile radius rule that sports teams use)
The people in TO love their Film Festival, maybe they should pay some Hollywood types to show up and the crowds would flock there.

Their wannabe Americans and their scared that the Companys NFL investment is failing and the NFL plan for Toronto has become a joke. its also a cost cutting measure.

New Stadiums planed
Ottawa's return
TV ratings amazing (Imagine the next TV contract)
100 th Grey Cup 2012
NFL network coverage with positive reviews.
Quiet and very powerful NEW ownership of the Argos.

This is how they market the Bills Games by talking down the CFL. Their need to do this makes me proud to be a CFL fan. Any one who buys into their talk is a bigger fool then they are.

Iam proud to be a CFL fan we keeping putting the product on the field we dont resort to insults lies and the type of hype the FAN590 has to have to survive.

Hey I agree, that's the way to talk up the CFL. But I don't agree with your "wannabe American" comment.
I wish we were "wannabe Americans" .......Americans love their sports, whether its NFL, College Football, NBA college basketball, Baseball, soccer and hockey in certain areas they support their teams Big time...............we don't (except NHL hockey)

I guess The Fan is desperate to attract or maintain listeners, and will therefore do anything controversial to accomplish that.

This new kid and his gimmicky last name will have no staying power, in my opinion.

Another Reason to Bycott the Fan 590
We should only listen to Argo Telecasts then turn it off or switch to other Station.
The Only thing the Care about is Ratings and it no one is listening there no Money

Yeah, it's kinda funny. I'm not a huge McCown fan -- that said, I still listen here and there. (Though, tough now that I listen to Hamilton's own Mike Bullard Show on Talk820 -- you gotta check that out!) I find those guys all usually seem to be more in the CFL camp than the NFL. To the degree that I remember them all basically dismissing the NFL/ Bills in Toronto initiative because they either prefer the CFL game and/or have an emotional tie to a CFL team.

I also find it hilarious that the Canadians on who post on the Bills site love to say how the Canadian media never talks about the CFL -- which, to a degree, has merit. But Prime Time Sports, simulcasted nationally and (used to be, anyway) in the U.S would often talk CFL. Guess it's tough when your radio station and media conglomerate has a vested interest in forcing the NFL down everyone's throats.

Guess that's how the propaganda game works.

I'm glad this guy isn't CFL friendly, I don't have to listen to the man. He better get ready for an onslaught of CFL fans come the 2012 Grey Cup, mind you the guy probably doesn't even know the history of his own country and that this will be the 100th GC right where it all started.

I bet it's going to bug the living piss out of the guy the game will be sold out faster than you can say blink.

Old mans league but a faster, quicker game than the NFL. Whatever.

Phil Lind must be really greasing this guy big time in I don't know how many ways. I'm sure they both love bacon and pork, hahahaha. :smiley:

Rogers only Cares about Money
so Listen to Argo Game only
Support the CFL Not Rogers.
Then Turn the Dial or Turn it off


It's jealousy all the way from Rogers that TSN - BellGlobeMedia has all the CFL games. Honestly, the higher ups hired this guy to blast the CFL, it shows just how jealous Rogers is of TSN.

It's actually quite funny it's so obvious. I find that since all the games are on TSN now, I watch TSN more and more, Sportsnet hardly registers with me other than for some hockey here and there when the Habs are on or a good NHL matchup.

Ralph took Ted to the bank. Thats all this is and thats all the NFL will ever be in Toronto.

Rogers has "The Bills vs the Colts" pre-season. Be still my heart !! Oh yeah and the Jays, their still there right lol.

We have a strong growing league now that is in partnership with TSN, not Rogers and we have a little event coming up soon "The 100th Grey Cup" Never mind the instant sell out that Edmonton was this year. BC with its reno stadium will be a major success and theres also the threat now of Bob Young bringing two more Grey Cups to Southern Ontario this decade.

So let them talk all the want, cus to date they havent shown us a thing.