Mike Hogan...Are You There?

Don't go anywhere too soon there Hogie...

I've been listening to Krystal the last two days. This guy ain't gonna make it.

I used to listen to him when he did current event type of topics, but in sports radio, this type of "talk" doesn't cut it.

He interrupts EVERYONE and makes Doug McLean seem polite while doing an interview.

He completely ate up and chewed out Sam Merulla today. Maybe the podcast is available on The Fan site.

I can see Hogie back on the air by the new year.

I'm with you hendy.

Caught a bit of Krystal's 'show' yesterday and today. Won't be doing so again. . . brutal.

Hogie is busy setting up his campaign for Mayor of Hamilton!


Wow, that made me feel bad for Merulla. I didn’t think that was even possible. Gotta get that moron off the air.

Wow, he gives a whole new meaning to the word interview! Besides, his voice is annoying.

Yeah that wasn't an interview...

What was the point?

I've thought of starting a thread like this a couple times. The day George Steinbrenner died I realized while watching SportsCentre that when Mike was around I would have instinctively tuned in for his coverage and perspective. During this whole stadium debate I haven't for a moment thought to get Mike's replacement's views. If Mike hadn't been canned I would have listend to 590 quite a lot this summer.

Andrew Krystal was great when he had an evening geo-politics show on MoJo Radio. Other than the Leafs (and do any of us need more Leafs coverage) he doesn't bring anything to a sports discussion. You can't fake the degree of knowledge people like Mike Hogan have acquired. John Derringer couldn't do it. He got by because Pat Marsden had it.

The stuffed suits at Rogers think bringing a controversial personality to their sports radio show will increase listenership and thus ad revenue. What it seems they didn't consider was the opposite result on both fronts. I would love to hear Mike Hogan back in his natural spot and I hope he gets a raise out of all this. I really miss Football Fridays - the original two hour version.

Not a huge Sam Merulla fan but that interview seemed more like an ambush than it did an interview. Almost felt sorry for Sam. This Krystal guy sure likes the sound of his own voice. If you start off the interview by brutally flaming downtown Hamilton what kind of response do you think you'll get from the person you're interviewing? Especially if he's a city councillor. Hamilton's downtown is depressed but it's not the dump that all of these out of towners are making it out to be. Maybe Krystal should take a mosey down Parliment St. or wander on over to Regent Park. Toronto has its problems as well.

That's all we need... big head hogtowners looking down their nose at us. The same people who sold their 600 million dollar stadium to Ted Rogers for 25 million. Yeah... they're the experts on stadiums now.

I like Sam. I probably don't agree with his politics but from what I've seen in this debate I respect him more than any other Hamilton politican. I liked Andrew Krystal when he did a geo-politics show on MoJo. I don't like Krystal replacing Hogan.

Having said all that...Krystal wasn't interupting Sam anymore than the reverse. Krystal's points were valid, Sam was shooting blanks.

This was an inflammatory discussion that would never have happened with Hogan. Did it add anything to the debate? Did it bring in new listeners? If anything it turned people off. If people want to hear antagonistic back and forth they'll tune into Bill Kelly. I used to tune into the Fan to hear sports talk, not heated "Rush Limbaugh" style debates.

Parliament St. is perfectly fine. I lived there for two years and never once saw anything bad. Regent Park has been completely changed. I lived near there when I lived off Parliament and I never saw anything there either

When was the last time you were in Toronto?

You rip into someone for being uneducated about Hamilton's downtown, but you commit the same offense in regards to Toronto.

Can't see the FAN590 bringing Hogie back, thereby admitting it made a huge error. I miss Hogie's program and have barely listened to the station since they dropped his show.

The Monday after the Argos beat the Als, Krystal mentioned the game zero times. Screw him I say!!!!

An Argo-Cat fan

I'm so glad he's moved back home. Hogan is welcome in Halifax any time.

Really? Holy Ignorance. That win should have been a huge topic of conversation on a Toronto sports station. Hogan would have been all over it. What did Krystal talk about instead: Kaberlae no trade clause holding the Dow down, Pakistan flooding forcing rescheduling of their soccer program, how George Bush killed Texas Rangers baseball?

I used to park right beside Regent Park everyday for two years... admittedly in 2003. Apologies, I meant Dundas (between Sherbourne and Parliament) as opposed to Parliament... got my NSEW mixed up. I drove throught there not long ago and while they're building condos on the N side of Dundas E of Parliament the Gerrard side of Regent Park sits intact. The detox centers, prostitute safe sex center and mission services are also still in existance. There are still problems down there and, in all honesty, on a late Saturday night I'd still feel safer walking through downtown Hamilton than some of those sidestreets between Dundas and Gerrard. I saw some interesting characters down there.

Krystal outright called downtown Hamilton a dump... all I did was say that Toronto also has it's problems. I won't call the Parliament - Dundas area a dump but I will say that it has it's problems and it does.

I wasn't trying to defend Krystal, that guys a moron. But much the same way that I hate when people slag downtown Hamilton because there are nice areas, I don't like when people slag downtown Toronto because there are also nice areas. Not because I like Toronto or anything, but we can be a little more creative than to simply use the "I'm rubber, you're glue" argument.

Now, the Dundas area you described is not very nice. Regent Park is still Regent Park, but they tore it down in, I believe, 2005, and remade it. There are always going to be areas of cities, especially bigger cities, that have "bad" areas. That's inevitable.

Either way, this Krystal guys is a fool and should be paid no mind.

Ockham: Krystal is on the record as saying he has no use for the CFL.
Luckily the station website covers the CFL quite well.....and Jeff Lumby did one of the best interviews ever IMHO on the stadium issue last week.

Lumby is a big improvement. What Landry called 'comedy bits' were so annoying I couldn't listen to the show. Plus the only sport he knew anything about was curling. I haven't listened nor plan to tune into Krystal.

So out of morbid curiousity I just tuned in and then quickly tuned out Krystal. He's trying to make an issue out of the time it takes to play a MLB game. The vast majority of baseball games are played in under three hours. When was the last time a Blue Jays game went past ten o'clock? NFL takes a full three hours and most of that is commercials. I suspect he needs topics like this because he doesn't actually know anything about the game. Krystal's style is to be controversial, inflammatory and I don't see it working on a Toronto sports station. Maybe CFRB 1010 will pick him up in a trade for draft picks.

I was just mucking around on the OUA website and found out that Mike Hogan has joined OUA.ca.

[url=http://oua.ca/sports/football/home/index.html?article_id=10202]http://oua.ca/sports/football/home/inde ... e_id=10202[/url]

At the bottom of the introduction, there's a link to the latest issue of OUA uncovered where you can read his (I think) first article of the season (the interface is kind of annoying though.)

On McCowan's show I heard that Krystal is the new morning guy. Raptor reporter Eric Smith is taking Hogan's old spot. I suppose this means a three hour dose of NBA every weekday.

Mike Hogan...where are you!