Mike Giffen?

I thought we had his rights but now I see Montreal has added him to their roster.

Hamilton cut him at training camp.

hmmm.... I thought teams retained the rights to draft picks that went back to school.

The one-year protection only occurs if a player doesn't sign a pro contract.

Giffin signed a deal in or before training camp, so that clause became null and void.

When the Ticats released him outright he became an unrestricted free agent.

That's what allowed him to sign in Montreal.

I hope that helps.

Does that mean they can bring a draft pick into training camp without signing him, so if he doesn't make the team they can send him back to school without losing his rights?
Or, let's say, he wanted to go back to school no matter what.... could the team still bring him to training camp for the experience?


The way I understand it is that a team has a 15-day period after the Grey Cup game to make a decision on whether or not to retain the services of someone they've drafted the year earlier. After that they become a free agent.

Example. If Giffin didn't sign with the Ticats they would have retained his rights until December the 8th. If they didn't let the league office know by that date that they still wanted him he would have become a free agent.

I'm not sure how long they would have retained his rights had they opted to pick up the post December 8th option.

Good to know, thanks Mike.

If that's the case though, I don't understand why teams would ever sign a player with college eligibility remaining, until deciding that they want to keep them and not send them back to school. It seems like signing them does nothing but risk losing their rights.

If they do sign a player for, say, two years....they don't have to worry about signing him should he have a huge year in CIS/NCAA.

They can also dress him as soon as the CIS season is over, like Winnipeg did with Darryl Stephenson.

But if they have a change in heart about the player they can always release him (like Giffin)....no harm no foul.

So they can sign him, bring him to camp, and send him back to school without actually releasing him? I didn't realize that. I thought they had to release him to send him back to school. Now it makes more sense.

Nothing makes any sense to me.
You go back to the original Ticat T.V., where Obie & company are busy picking their draft choices.
They pick Giffin, and say he was the best choice at his position. Then they pick up another wide receiver, who never played a down.
Now - both are gone.
Don't you think we could have picked up at least 1 Offensive Linemean, who would still be with our Team today?
Now, did they cut Giffin because they already had Lumsden ( & no more room for another Canadian )?
Because if it is yes, then this is another bonehead mistake.
Lumsden can't play, because of injuries; Giffin can't play, because he is now with Montreal.
Do you ever wonder why we are consistently in LAST PLACE?
Where is the braintrust with this Team?

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Read this article for more info on the Giffen situation:

[url=http://www.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/news/sports/story.html?id=f02ec01e-3a5c-42a1-917b-7493b49d4f26]http://www.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/ ... 93b49d4f26[/url]

Wow. First Taman bends the rules to victimize Obie (Moreno trade), now Marcel Desjardins does something equally shady (stealing Giffen) to victimize Obie.

Obie, isn't it time you started giving back a little of what you're getting?

What would you expect from DesGardens (assist GM in Montreal)?
Looks like our real enemy in the East really is Montreal.
How many players have they stolen from us over the years...alot!

From the article:

Meanwhile, Marcel Desjardins said his organization didn't circumvent any rules. Had that occurred, he added, the CFL would have intervened.

"I'm not aware of any gentlemen's agreement, although I wasn't on the competition committee's call,"

Marcel Desjardins not aware of a gentlemen's agreement? Ask DJ Flick if he's surprised to learn that Desjardins is no gentleman.

While its too bad for the Ticats. What Obilovich is saying is Collusion and is absolutely wrong and probably ilegal. If what Bob says is true, This "gentlemen's agreement" allows a team to cut a player and then prevents him from earning a living for an entire year, that is shameful. This is proof that the CFL operates like a mob, kind of reminds me of the old NHL days.

Good on Giffin for finding himself a job and experiencing some post season CFL action. Plus if the Als win the Grey Cup that's a 25k bonus I believe.

CFL teams often bring their CIS draft picks into camp
to get them experience vs professional competition

even when they know the player is likely going back to school.

Once that draft pick is released, he remains that team's property

Apparently, a competition committee is charged with compiling
updating and overseeing a list of such a protected players.

This time the competition committee blew it and
somehow Obie is some king of boogie man , HfxTC?

There's also the matter of how giffin was treated when he was here.
he was a superlative tailback/feature back in university, yet was asked to bulk up and come to camp as a fullback. he competed as best he could, given that he was trying out for a position he didn't want to play, and had never played before.
and when he left the tiger-cats last summer, he was forthright in his negative comments about how the ticats wouldn't let him play tailback, and had misued his talents. i wonder if o'billovich/taaffe had jesse-lumsden-on-the-brain syndrome. was this a boneheaded decision. i think so ...
i wish him well, and i plan on seeing lots of good things from mike giffin in the cfl for many years to come.

I don't think this is an Obilovich thing or a Ticat thing. I just think the "individual" in this case Giffen should have the right to compete for a job. Everyone should be happy for him. I know I am. If the CFL is playing dirty pool in boardrooms with hidden agreements that blackball a player from playing ball. (As a Canadian there is no real other option). This is deplorable.

But as we can see. The league is hidding and not commenting as they know full well what they expose themselves to.

Obilovich strikes me as a very nice man. I don't think this was a job for a 70 year old but as a person from what I've seen and listened to over the last year. He's a fine person.

Also weird way of the Als getting their draft pick back they lost to Hamilton. This is another one for the books.

HfxTC said

Everyone should be happy for him [Giffen]. I know I am.

If the CFL is playing dirty pool in boardrooms with
hidden agreements that blackball a player from playing ball.

(As a Canadian there is no real other option). This is deplorable.

It doesn't seem unfair to me that drafted players
have to try out with one particular team.

Most draft picks who get cut can try out with other teams

It is just that Mike Giffen declared himself eligible early

A draft system is necessary.

If there was no draft, the rich teams would get the best players
and the poorer teams soon wouldn't be able to compete at all.