Mike Edem

I was watching the Lions play last night and was really impressed with Mike Edem. just all over the field and hit like a ton. Played like an all-star.

I can't remember why he fell so out of favor with the Als. If I remember correctly he had an awesome first year...all star etc. A bit prone to penalties Then benched. Did something specific happen?

Mike Edem had 1 defensive tackle last night.


hmmm...guess you either didn't watch the game or are disputing if he played well. Not sure what that response even means.

He also broke up a few pass pays including the last Ham pass in the endzone that would have tied the game...45-45. He showed on that play why he doesn't play offense, should have intercepted it. But he broke it up. Played a great game of safety. If the safety is high on tackles generally means you lose the game actually Richard.

Dunigan was raving about him all night. He played well and I was just trying to remember what happened in Montreal .

He would not sign an extension so Popp pulled a Boulay on him...

Ah...well why invest the time if he doesn't want to be there I guess. Like Bridge.
Well he looks like he's found a home now. Safety has been a weak spot for the Lions for years.

I didn't realize he won defensive player of the year when in CIS...Can West Def POY anyway.

Very good player but had job prospects out West that he wanted to combine and ready his post career.

Ya he's very good. Never saw him much in Montreal except part of his rookie year. He legit now for sure. Catches the ball like a dead man however. :smiley:

Edem also drew a P.I. on Owens that put the ball on the one-yard line for a Tiger Cat TD. But if Dunnigan was impressed....

Also Hamilton made no effort to re-sign him in the off-season.

And Slant as an Als fan werent you impressed with Brouillettes game Thursday?

Sheldon...Good lord man.

I'm a fan of the CFL. My interests are league wide. But I am a fan of Montreal as well. But I enjoy all the teams. And there are very few players who I "root" against. I just find my enthusiasm for the game is not based on just one team or one city.

I watched Edem on Sat night. I thought he played great. My question was simple. Why was he cut from Montreal as I could not remember. That was answered.

I'm not criticising that decision. But I'm glad Edem has found a home apparently.

And I do not believe he was flagged against Owens. The non-call was challenged and failed. I could be mistaken. But that is irrelevant to my question or my impressions of his play.

I just checked the box score, Play 59. He basically was responsable for a TD,so it`s not irrelevant to your impressions of how he played. Setting the record straight just as you like to do with posters.

On the play in question (#59), the officials called PI on the wrong player. Edem was a few yards away and not close enough to touch the Chad Owens. Penalty should have been called against Loucheiz Purifoy.

If that`s the case I will stand corrected.

As has been stated Edem had a great rookie season, but for some reason fell out of favor with Thorpe who has always liked Brouillette.

It puzzled me that the Als couldnt find a place for him, but then Hamilton didnt seem to want to keep him either.

I never understood it either, because Brouillette seemed to be a way better linebacker, than safety.