Mike Daly ....

:(… Appears to be missing in action (or is it ’ no action '?)

He’s not alone

Maybe I missed it earlier but it was at the end of the third quarter when Gord Miller managed to tell the viewers that Delvin Breaux was a scratch. Arguably our best defender and no argument our best “offender”, Speedy, are missing . We are officially snake bit. :frowning:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Mike Daly has been beaten in key games all year.

Breaux is resting/healing for the playoffs - thats a good call by the coaches.

Myself I’ve thought Mr. Daly has had himself a nice season. Maybe it was low expectations coming in, but he’s made his share of plays on the ball. It seems to me that for the first time in a long time that the defensive backfield has been a strength, but the pass rush has been non existent. I think this is where our issues lie.

They pick on him all the time and he held is own early in the year. Not so much lately. Let’s hope he gets back to early season form.

Apart from a couple of brain farts, Daly seems to have a good football IQ and is a hard hitter. But his lack of speed hurts us.

Give credit to Ottawa for getting Daly into man-on-man situations with very fast receivers. A CB/DHB should have been covering the guy. Daly did his best to make a play on the ball, but it was a perfect pass.

That’s what happens when you don’t want to switch to another Canadian player who is stuck on special teams. By the way the bomb to Spencer from Harris was thrown in to the wind and Daily still got beat.

H’s a new father. How much sleep can the guy be getting right now?

Many OCs across the league will now exploit this regularly occurring weakness.

Won’t be that easy to do with Breaux in the lineup.

Along with injuries, penalties, refs, and bone-headed coaching, we can now officially add Pampers as an official excuse for the under performing Cats. ;D

At most we see 4 more OC’s this season and that only if we get into the Cup. I guess 50% of the non-TC OC’s is ‘many’.

Better than it being DEPENDS! :stuck_out_tongue:

We use them also. They're on the sidelines.

On the deep play to Spencer for the TD, the HB and LB on Spencer's side both followed the player on the crossing route across the middle, and let Spencer go for Daly to cover. Maybe the HB was thinking the deep route wasn't a threat because of the wind?