Mike Daly

I want to give props to Mike Daly for being such a great student of the game. You can tell when you watch him play that he watches a lot of film, and is often exactly where he should be.

June Jones said very transparently that Stephens is a better athlete, but that Daly is a much better student of the game. That is why he starts. Knowledge over raw speed.

He came to the Ticats in 2013 like Masoli, and like Masoli he stuck it out to end up starting.

Keep bringing the Daly mail!

On that note, in the last couple games, noticed Stephen getting a lot more aggressive on his special teams tackles, even threw a biggish hit last night.

JJ also likes the way Daly hits. He’s like Hitchcock - when he gets the chance, he REALLY lays the lumber.

Very true. He's laid enough wood this year to build a nice patio.