Mike Daly is asking for his TD ball back

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TigerTown! Let’s see if we can do this! In my blind excitement I threw away my first CFL TD ball. I will trade a signed jersey of..
any player of your choosing! Please help me out TigerTown!

It was the guy in the brown jacket

Do you think he gets it back? I wonder how they would go about finding the guy. It’s not like you can use the police to track the suspect down… or can you? hmmm? Sorry Rod Black.

How’s this for awkward… Here you go Mike… I’ll take a Brandon Banks signed jersey. Lol

Grabbing a brown sweater and sticking on a grey stach ,already have the grey hair and have a CFL ball from stag contest win…

Ahh…I’d like a Garney Henley signed sweater please and thank you Mr. Daly…

Ante already raised for trade

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I second that help the man out!! I’ll add into that trade off with a jersey signed and upper deck cards.

Why not offer, oh I don’t know say “a football”

The ball will have BC Lions stenciled on it

Yeah, it might be embarrassing if the guy asks for a signed Courtney Stephens jersey?

Team signed Football ....

“I am Spartacus”.

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TIGERTOWN! Cannot thank you guys enough. Over 100 Retweets and we got the ball back! Found the man in the brown coat all thanks to you guys!
10:54 AM - 30 Sep 2018

That's awesome

Only half the story. What, or maybe who, did he ask for in return?

Who is the man in the brown coat … Does he have a name or does he wish to remain annonymous?

If not, he should be given free tickets to the rest of the Cats home games this year.

I got hit in the head a few years back by a ball thrown into the stands… jeff matthews first TD. Person behind me got the ball, I didn’t even get a sorry!

Did you see it coming?

Are you Mike Jones?? :slight_smile:

probably popcorn eddy

Lol no but good reference! Didn’t see it coming, was standing with the crowd celebrating the TD, had my head turned highfiveing people and I got hit. It was so hard I originally thought someone sucker punched me, took me a few seconds to realize what happened, ball was gone before I had a chance to react. I seem be ok…I think lol