Mike Daly for Safety

I dont know why but Mike Daly has been with this team for a few years now and over and over again has proven himself to be a good starter at safety. It would allow us to move Courtney Stephen who plays better at corner along with Richard Leonard on the other corner.

Look at Dalys highlights from 2015 in this YouTube video and honestly since then he hasnt missed a beat...let's get him in there...adds another canadian in the backfield too.

Who would be their backups? Note that both would require national backups if pulling them for a play or due to injury in order not to mess up the ratio.

Jay langa at safety as a backup for Mike Daly.

Jackson Bennett could be juggled around also because he can play safety, defensive back and linebacker.

Agreed. He has shown he's not much of a drop off.

But for Stephen? Not seeing anyone (national) I would trust to replace him at corner.

I could see him at safety or Sam, but sure about corner. But I haven't seen him play much yet, so maybe.

We only need 7 canadians at a time so if Stephen got hurt we could always throw in Mercer Timmis at running back and slot in Demond Washington at corner in Stephen's spot :slight_smile:

That's what I was referring to as "messing with the ratio ". All possible and likely what we may end up having to do, but not the ideal situation.

We only are allowed 42 players at a game so there is only so many things you can do. With some players able to play multiple positions I do think we look pretty good as a whole with my selections. There are a lot of what ifs. I'm sure ottawa wasnt expecting to lose Trevor Harris and then Drew Tate retire. It's not an ideal situation. But I'm also sure we will put a whack of players on the practice roster and injured list and 6 game injured list. Just saying.

Personally, I'd rather the team take the cap room they have due to Chambers' injury, and raise the offer and sign Chapman before the second pre-season game.

Anyway, I do think Daly could easily go in at safety with Stephen at corner. And daisy chaining the ratio in the case of injury has worked for us before. I would just prefer if they didn't have to do it.

I totally agree. Adding Mark Chapman to this team is ideal also and I would still use Daly at safety on top of that..one gets injured and we put in a alternate.

Actually the game day roster consists of 46 players . 2 of which are declared non actives an hour before kickoff thus you have a 44 man active roster per game allowed not 42 . Broken down it consists of 3 QB's / 21 Cdns / 20 Imp dressed .

Broken down further it will look like this for this season considering we are now employing a Cdn to handle all the kicking duties in Hajrullahu .

.....3 quarterbacks (1 starter / 2 back-up)
...23 starters ( 7 cdn / 16 imp)
...17 back-ups (13 cdn / 4 imp)
.....1 kicker (cdn)

Do you happen to know how many for the practice roster…and is the injured list unlimited or no??

7 cdn starters:
Mike Filer
Brandon Revenberg
Landon Rice
Courtney Stephen
Mike Daly
Justin Capiciotti
Ted Laurent

Even Justin Vaughn or Jackson Bennett possibilities

Here are 21 of my top Canadians I would keep give or take a few:

Jackson Bennett
Justin Capiciotti
Mike Daly
Courtney Stephen
Jay Langa
Ted Laurent
Justin Vaughn
Mark Chapman
Brandon Revenberg
Mike Filer
Landon Rice
Mathieu Girard
Braden Schram
Darius Ciraco
Mercer Timmis
Sean Thomas Erlington
Lirim Hallrullhu
Terrell Davis
Felix Faubert Lussier
Shamawd Chambers
Nick Shortill

As far as I know a team can have a max limit of 10 players on their PR . At least four of the ten have to be Canadian . So basically a team's PR usually will consist of 4 Cdns and 6 Imp players . Later on in the year I believe sometime soon after Labour Day the max increases to 15 players to accommodate for NFL cuts and for evaluating futures .

As for the injured list as far as I know there is no restrictions placed on how many players a team can have on them at any given time . Players on the 6 gm though do not have their salary count towards the team cap . A team can have I believe 2 players per season taken off the 6 gm IL early but then their entire salary counts towards the cap .

Hope this helps answer your questions . :slight_smile:

Thank you. That makes sense perfectly. Depending on how some other players fair on the second pre-season game next Saturday will determine who I want to see backing up the starters. Shamawd Chambers right off the bat will be on 6 game injured reserve.

That would work for serious injury, but for just sitting out a play, it needs to be a national on defence. I'm thinking Shorthill.