Mike Clemons said WHAT...

He said about Ricky Williams that he played well... "like an average back!" LOL!
Ahh the CFL is a League and Ricky will have to work hard!

Welcome to the CFL Ricky! You'll love it hear :smiley:

Played well I guess the others played terrible! 4 carries 7 yards is not ripping up the field! here come the excuses!

'Average back' not tonight. wonder if Pinball's trying to light a fire.

the argos cant run, nomatter who they have...they dont know how to set it up properly.

i was listening to the game, and they said damon allen doesnt hand the ball off properly. ( not turning or something? )

I think heโ€™s trying to do the opposite. Lower the level of presse for Rickys sake too. Smart.

He played 1 Q , after 3 practises in a differnt kind of game in his 1st CFL ex game. :wink:

All of the ARGOS sucked , tonight. 1st and 2nd string. :roll:

But it is nice to see that some people want this to fail regardless of what it may do for the rest of the league. :roll:

If Williams is better in regular season , wouldn't that be good for the whole CFL?

I guess that some don't think that way. I never thought that he would tear up the CFL , BUT don't you think that it is way too early to tell how well he will do? :wink:

I want him to be a successful back and he has the personality to play in the CFL. He's gonna love it hear and the US is going to be all impressed.


Williams quietly slipped into the game with five seconds left in the first and the Argos at their 35-yard line trailing 14-0. Predictably, Williams got the ball on his first play from scrimmage, resulting in a two-yard gain, but it wasn't until the PA announcer called Williams as the ball carrier that the former Dolphin received a rousing ovation.

''It's hard to tell with just one quarter of play but they came ready to play,'' Williams said when asked about the level of competition in the CFL. ''It's a team sport and one player isn't going to make much of a difference unless he's able to help everyone else raise their level of play and match the opponents' intensity.''

But Williams liked being able to go into motion before the snap, something he has never been able to do in the NFL.

''It's fun because you get a head start on the defence and they don't know where you're going,'' he said. ''It's just learning the game so you can take advantage of it more and I'm sure that will come.''

Argos head coach Mike (Pinball) Clemons wasn't surprised with Williams' rushing numbers in his first CFL game.

''It's about what I expected,'' said Clemons, a former Argos running back. ''With a running back like him it's not his first three, four or five touches in a game that are going to make the difference, it's the 10 in the fourth quarter when they wear you down that's going to be the difference for him.

''I think it's good he struggled ... because it's going to let him know to be successful in this league he's going to have to work maybe the hardest he has ever worked to this point in his career.''

I donโ€™t know again about the OC Kent Austin and the plays called.
Here we have RW who is a stright up north south runner and great with the swing pass, so what happens. He does neither and has him try end runs, no motion, misdirection etc

he did badly in a pass friendly game.

he only got 4 touches, and the radio guys said it was the was damon allen was handing the ball off, which was causing problems.

In fairness, here is a guy who has only had a few days of practise in a new league, the bigger field and new rules. We have to cut him some slack.

I wouldnt trust radio announcers too much,cause the analyst we have here in Sask(Carm Carteri) is a total idiot, and I wish we would find someone else to do the colour on the radio broadcasts.

No, it wouldn't be good for the CFL. Tom Wright has already stated his intentions publicly, he wants to have strict policies on signing NFL players on suspension implemented for next season! And personally I'd love to see Williams fail miserably, then people would learn to understand that the CFL isn't so far behind the NFL talent-wise. I know it was just his first game tonight but 7 yards on 4 carries is HORRIBLE! We'll see how he does in the regular season though, that should probably change.

Bingo :thup:

This guy has more preasure than anyone to come into this league in years!

I was at the game so it's hard for me to comment on who or what they said or how they said it on the radio. Pete Martin is knowledgeable football man, and I don't know much about the CHML guy, I guess he played a bit in the CFL.
However, from what I saw on the sweeps Ricky just needed that one block to let him turn the corner but their was nobody there to do it. The other 5 receivers were down field running pass patterns so he was running without blocking and any veteran DE or OLB are trained to string a RB or QB out to the sideline and that what they did. Put a big fullback in their to lead the blocking and its a different ballgame. To me all Ricky needed on a couple of those runs was that one block to let him turn the corner and then the fun starts, he knows how to use his blocking. But the coaches aren't stupid they will be well aware of what's needed and how Damon Allen is handing Ricky the football is inmaterial IMO its not like there is someone else to fake to.
We should note that the Argos have brought in some larger slotback receivers this week, possibly to be able to block those DE's and LB's. Donald Hayes 6'04 220 a NFL veteran and rookie Canadian Alex Vanags 6'03 225. A young Sean Millington would fit the bill but they don't grow on trees, but the coaches will figure it out. I think Ricky was alluding to the lack of blocking after the game when he said that football was a team game and no one person could do it on their own.

bingo !

All of the ARGOS sucked.

And a running back is only as good as his front line.

What backs get paid for is what they do after they cross the line of scrimage.They have to get there first.

I never thought that Pinball was a idiot until this thread.

I'm starting to regerd for voting for him to win the Best Torontian award.

I agree totally!

williams: 4 carries 7 yards
avery: 4 carries 23 yards and a fumble