Mike Bradwell

I think this guy is playing very well this year. After 2 games he had 175 yards in receiving. Not too bad for a rookie.

How come the Argos draft players and let them start right away? Barker, Rottier and Carlson haven't started and only Barker has played a little bit.

The only way you can turn these players into good solid Canadians is by playing them.

I went to a good chunk of Mac’s home games, and if mike is anything like he was at mac, argo’s got themselfs a WICKED NI WR. Id definatly like to see him in black n gold!

The ONLY reason he's starting is because the Argos are down something like three or four starters right now at WR.

So? None the less he is a fresh rookie that has caught 90% of the balls that have come to him. He was a stud at mac. I think this is a good opportunity for him to prove his skills to Argo's. I believe he will end up being a reliable go to NI WR for the Double blue!

Obie and Marcel are developing Rottier and Carlson to be successful CFL lineman. The team signed two solid free agent tackles in Gauthier and Goodspeed and Obie said that Rottier & Carlson would learn under them, practicing and rotating in as backups at the LT & LG (Rottier) and RT & RG for Carlson. If Rottier and Carlson aren't clearly outperforming Gauthier & Goodspeed why would you start them at this point in their careers?

As for Barker I don't know the whole story there, I would hope he starts to see some time spelling off Beveridge at Safety. Until then it is great to have another speedy (4.5 time in the 40) special teams player like Barker.

your not entirely correct here, and its because nobody pays attention to the O-line unless its something negative! I am watching Rottier and i have noticed that he dresses all games. I also saw a 65 (rottier) playing left gaurd in the 3rd quarter vs Peg the other week. He was in for a good quarter and his blocking looked half decent so it looks like he is developing well and i will continue to watch his development in the upcoming years.

I believe I also saw Rottier in for a brief stint against Montreal in the 4th quarter.

My point is, how are these guys going to improve if they don't play? The Argos probably expected nothing from Bradwell and are now pleasantly surprised.

Rottier might have played, I wasn't paying that close attention but playing for a quarter in 4 games of football doesn't do anything for me? I know that we have Gauthier and Goodspeed but you have to let these guys play.

Look at Bekasiak. We tell him he's gonna play dl, then ol, then back to dl. The guy never got a chance to play. I have heard that they didn't think he was fast enough to play dl but if he isn't, then cut him.

When you look at Hamilton's draft history, it isn't good.

I hope these 3 young kids grow into starters in the next couple years but my fear is that we will have these guys and wasted 3 first round picks on these guys to back up NI we acquire through Free agency or trades.

beskasiak is the tony mandarich of the CFL, ive never seen a bigger bust in my life, the dude had a chance, the cats kept moving
him to motivate him to improve and become a better player, and they actually tried to put him in a position to win, but the dude lacks any desire, hustle , and ambition, i remember a few years ago all he kept hyping up was how good the training camp food and that he loved to eat, wtf was up with that?

Bradwell is playing because of injuries to starting NI receivers Talbot and Cetoute and their replacements Lambros and Scott. Bradwell is playing well but he was something like 4th or 5th on the depth chart until injuries hit. I don't think the Argos intended to start him so soon.

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because bruce is gone and all they have is Mcneal.