Mike Bishop = MVP

Riders smack Calgary!!!
Riders Rule
Stamps Drool!!
Henry who!!!

Clearly, Michael Bishop is heads and tails above Henry.
Riders back in 1st place— who would have guessed it!!!

p.s.- nice wins Ti-cats and Esks.

can always count on the turk for a good laugh :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Uh, turkey.

I don't know that a 3 point win qualifies as "smacking" another team. LOL

It does if your the turkey deb.

there is a turkey deb????

:D It does if your the turkey, deb.

I want him back for my Argos.
I will never forgive the Pinball for trading him especially if Bish wins the GC for the Riders.

since when do presidents make trades???

I doubt he would fare much better on that Argo team then Joseph.

FYB, the story is how Rita was a Bishop fan while Pinball liked Joseph and convinced the owners to sign him.
What a MISTAKE, Bishop looks great and will lead the Riders.
The same Pinball also decided to sign Vanderjagt and traded Pre.
What a MISTAKE, Vandy looks done and is what 38 and Pre is having a good year in Edmonton, with all of his stats beating Vanderjagt.
I don't know what the answer is, this team is a mess.
Right about now, I would gladly take Bish back as he looks much better then Joseph. Dust, I'll make the one for one deal and throw in a draft choice, the same number one we gave you for Joseph, and that will be number 1. More highway robbery.

on the same team, Joseph is better.

Bishop only looking good because SASK on the whole is a way better team and getting it done mostly no matter who is QB.

An astute student of the game would not be fooled by this.

Bishops ride on the riders will end.

FYB -" An astute student of the game would not be fooled by this".
Hello, what does this mean?
If you are suggesting, well then you better start studying.
Bishop has a much better upside, the best arm in football, better running ability and he is much younger 32 vs 35.
Plus, this year and as of now, Joseph looks slow, old and done.
Like I said, I would take Bishop any day of the week. Even last year.

Holy band wagon jumpers batman, listen to all the Rider fans now praising Bishop. A week ago the Rider faithful were all calling for his head yapping about how he’s not smart enough and always pulls bonehead plays. Interesting I’d say, I’m thinking “can’t get right” must of took a stray beer can to the head in Regina and it made him smarter all of a sudden.

Lets see how many Rider fans roast him after his next lost, or start screaming for Durant.

Fair weather fans :thdn:

What I see is one Riders fan praising Bishop. But way to paint an entire fan base with the same brush.

Good ol' "Can't Get Right". I wouldn't count on a guy nicknamed by his team mates "Can't Get Right" to win the MVP or the Grey Cup.

For those of you who don't get the reference you have to watch the movie Life with Eddie Murphy.


I agree that Bishop hasn't done anything special, but he hasnt even played with Fantuz, Flick, Bowman and Dominguez yet. It would be like Burris without Copeland, Lewis, Rambo and Ralph, or Pierce without Simon, Clermont, P. Jackson and butterfingers.. oh sorry, Skillern...

And a good movie it twas :cowboy:

But that'd sure be hilarious though, eh argotom? :slight_smile:

Some of "Checkmate's" throws have been things of beauty, though.

And I can see that FDR was a master of understatement. :thup:

Why walk when they goosestep so very, very well...