Mike Benevides

Watching and listening to Mike Benevides yesterday and today, he seems comfortable and well spoken on camera. Doesn't stutter or hesitate like Lapolice. Maybe a regular on the panel next season?

Here in Vancouver we hear him on the radio all the time. Super guy. Very energetic and well spoken. Tough to get a short answer out of him tho. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yea, really like coach Benne A lot.


Coach Benevides never had a chance with Wally as his pupetteer. Let your next Head coach be the HEAD COACH, Wally! :rockin: :cowboy: :wink:

Riders Will Return! 8)

I think he would make a great Special Team Coordinator in Montreal.

Not sure you are serious or not. But that will never happen. A head coach to STC?
Anyway he is fully a west coast guy now. At a least a westerner. His wife has a very well paid position out here.

I think he ends up at UBC or TSN ( trading spots with LaPolice?)

Would love to have Bene on the staff with the Riders. Could not find a better quality dedicated dude and super positive guy.

Tell that to Cortez. I didn't suggest it would interest him. Just that I think he would do a good job. He has the energy and the attitude and tons of experience. There are only 9 HC positions and as far as I know, none are open... So he may have to accept something else, a coordinator job or a CIS job he can do like Lapolice and stay home for a year and then be a cardboard cutout on TSN for another couple years. Benevides does not strike me a a lazy type.

Tell that to Cortez? Big big difference between being an OC (or DC) as compared to a STC.
Story out there that Hall s out as DC in Sask. Could be a spot for Benevides. But he'll never go to Montreal as a STC imo. But I agree he would be good at it.

And I'm not sure what you mean by the "lazy" comment. But I assure you the UBC HC job is a very coveted position. I hope he ends up there. He's very suited for it.