Mike Benevides

As an Argo fan I am curious what Lions fans feel about Mike being touted as the next HC of the Double Blue. He seems like an unherald candidate...is he HC material??

He will be a great HC some day but needs more experience at this level to be successful or he'll end up like Greg Marshall.

I think we should allow the man to make his own decision. However if I was in his shoes I think one more year as DC for BC would help him considerably. As for Casey Printers who wants him nor who needs him?

Province Newspaper reported today he is staying put in BC as an Assistant.

Good news. With a fair number of players leaving over the off season, the last thing you want is to have to rearrange your coaching staff.
Plus who would want to coach in Toronto? Rita has a lot of work to do there before any coach has a chance.

Great to have Mike back. With at least 1/4 of the defensive personnel changing, it is important to have the stability with the defensive coaching. It will be interesting to see who they bring in to fill the vacant linebacker positions.