Mike Benevides fired by BC Lions

This shouldn't be a shock to anyone. Discuss.

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/lions-fire-head-coach-benevides-1.140155]http://www.tsn.ca/lions-fire-head-coach ... s-1.140155[/url]

Steinauer is going to get serious consideration.

Yeah...that was an awful collapse near the end of the season. The question is, who on the market would be a good replacement. I hope Buono isn't looking at Steinauer in Hamilton (that is, if he's even interested in the job).

Marc Trestman...

Buono and Dave Dickenson have lots of history.

As much as Trestman always has good things to say about the CFL, I expect if he gets the axe in Chicago, he will be focused on OC or QB coach opportunities in the NFL, and I imagine he'll have options.

My bet is Wally returns to the sidelines & current DC Mark Washington becomes HC in 1 to 2 years.

I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the Buono family dining room during that conversation! :lol:

I don't think Wally has much if any interest in coming back down to coach while he's GM. He's not getting any younger and I imagine he'd want to avoid the daily grind of being the team's HC.

Edit: And now I see that he's saying he might be willing to coach on an interim basis, so I am 100% wrong. :lol:

I had thought previously that Mark Washington was HC material in the not too distant future, but after his defence gave up 50 points to Montreal's offence led by an inexperienced O/C in Dinwiddie and a QB like Crompton, I expect his stock has fallen a bit. . .

Washington is constantly coaching on the sidelines, very respected by his players. Pretty hard to play defense when your offense can't stay on the field like the Lions in their last 3 games. Glenn threw an interception the Lions took it right back. They played solid in the first half but in the second the travel and the wear had them spent.

Wally definitely has the itch but I think someone will talk sense into him.

Benevides is the scapegoat for Buono’s inability to get him the players he needed. Lulay ain’t gonna be uninjured, and Glenn ain’t gonna win you a championship. Either that, or the Braley-induced rot that Toronto is experiencing is starting to hit BC.

Washington reminds me of Corey Chamblin. Much of the talk about Corey while he was in Hamilton is the same I hear about Washington. Chamblin got a HC gig after going 8-10 in 2011 in Hamilton & that Defense wasn't amongst the best in the league in any way. Washington will get there at some point sooner rather than later I believe.

As far as people mentioning Dickenson ... He has continually declined interviews or considerations for HC positions in other cities. It's clear that as soon as Hufnagel is ready to step aside as coach & just be GM, Dave is their guy. Much like what occurred in BC with Wally & Benavides.

From what I'm hearing, there may have been locker-room, leadership, identity issues in BC this season. To me that spells Wally stepping in for a season to lay the law & set the tone again.

Dave Dickenson is the obvious choice....years of successful coaching....time to step up to the next level!

What I read was that Wally wouldn’t want to step in for more than a couple of games so I doubt he’d take the position for even a season, let alone two.

Dickenson is the heir apparent in Calgary and has consistently withdrawn his name from consideration by other teams looking for a HC.

My guess is that they may look for someone who is more offensively minded so hopefully that puts Steinauer off the radar. I get the impression (or is it just wishful thinking!) that OS maynot feel he is ready to be HC yet and may want to spend another year or two as DC before moving up to a HC position. I hope for our sake that he chooses to hang around for at least another year (or more!) now that we FINALLY have the defense humming.

I actually wondered about Cortez who is strong offensively. He might have more success as HC when they already have a decent DC (assuming he kept him) unlike the disaster he hired here in Creehan!.

If we win the Grey Cup, Steinauer will be the next HC of the Lions. Take it to the bank.

blue tees: I'm not ready to head to the bank just yet.
Orlondo has been a fast learner as our DC. He still has a way to go before considering any HC offer unless he is prepared to flame out early in his coaching career. His lack of offensive coaching experience will be hard to overcome. However I think he is a smart cookie and will eventually end up as a Head Coach somewhere. He needs more time as an assistant first though.

Trestman, Mark.


Arash Madani @ArashMadani
On June 24, the #BCLions gave Mike Benevides a contract extension, paying him through 2016. On Nov. 20, he was fired. Amazing. #CFL

Amazing, to me, that Braley would go along with this.