Miguel Robede Released By Toronto

Should we be surprised by this? I don`t know.

He never lived up to his potential in Calg. and now Tor. releases him before the 2nd pre-season game.

Plus he had the concussion problem in Calg. last year.

Nevertheless if medically cleared I`d bring him in to take a look.

If and that's a big "If medically cleared",we could/should invite him for a tryout,since we don't have too much depth at DT; we basically have Sagesse,who may not be "ready',yet. We have nothing too lose..


Sure couldn't hurt to have him backing up Bekasiak.

I say let's bring him in and take a look.
Right now we have Jabari Fletcher for backup too. Hopefully, he works out.

Sure wouldn't hurt to take a look. . . our pass rush was pretty anemic last night.