Miguel has a warning for Jeff Reinebold...

You hear this argument fairly often...it seems
And there is a certain amount of validity to it

But teams are after all mostly SET by the time season starts
Even when you're cut in the off-season
Certain positions are just screaming for turnover
(like defensive end...sorry Anwar)
And others are positions teams like to fill internally
(like offensive line and interior dlinemen...and often at safety)

Let's face it
When your job opportunities are limited to 7 other options
Well...how many of US wouldn't find themselves unemployed as well?

So I'm not sure that this line of reasoning is sufficient to point at moves and say:
"See...no other team wanted them either"

As usual...it's a bit more complicated than that
And no excuse for dissing players who've given so much
To all of us

Marc Trestman doesn't really have to sign anything and he might not decide until the season's over. I mean what exactly do the als have to pressure him? He holds the big end of the stick in this negotiation.

The biggest reason is not talent. Its the 9 games of a salary teams are on the hook for with five year vets that is a deal killer for these guys. Unless teams are absolutely "stuck" they will try to look at guys with less than five years. It is a problem for vets being released right now and its very sad.

Why would he want to do that ? If he has a nice offer for four years (puts him in Buono,Hufnagel) territory why would he risk losing it to go shoppoing or bleed an extra nickle?

Okay, so I just checked the depth chart for the Calgary game, and it's depressing. They had MULLINDER starting at defensive end, with Adebayo backing him up. Seriously? Too many LBs and DBs dressed, not enough d-linemen. Bekasiak was backing up Hunt. Jenkins was at the other tackle position. A complete mess IMO.

If it were me, this is how I'd dress the D for the Winnipeg game:

DE: Davis (Adebayo backup)
DT: Hunt-Jenkins (rotation)
DT: Bekasiak (Montgomery backup)
DE: Lockley

SAM: Cox (Ridgeway)
MIKE: Emry (Brouillette)
WILL: Ingram (Dublanko)

CB: Parker
HB: Anderson (Osasai)
FS: Hebert (Townsend)
HB: Brown
CB: Williams (Milton)

Teams are "on the hook" with veterans only after the ninth game of the season.

Hamilton could release Avon Cobourne now or Montreal Aaron Hunt and they won't have to pay a penny,unless their is particular agreement between team and player; as per the players collective agreement a veteran,no matter the number of years,who is released before the ninth game is not entitled to any amount.

Players such as Boulay,Ferri,Stewart,etc... have not been signed because of their age or health issues and also because younger players are available. Boulay has a better chance,because he is a non-import.


Boulay had 3 teams call him and he turned them down (or something to that effect). My experience of the CFL is that they won't call again. Look at Stevie Baggs...

If Montgomery and Osaisai dress for next game, an import player,who dressed for last game, will have to come off the roster.

As I wrote on Bombers at Montreal game, I agree 100% that an additional import DL should dress; if so, I wrote that Osaisai would not dress/play. The only other option would be to sit Devine.


Or you could sit Guy and have Devine return most of the kicks ?
Or you could sit London?

Did Osaisai get in on any defensive packages? I know Carter did.

And I know Osaisai was the player offside on the kickoff return.

Well, I wouldn't mind sitting Osasai. On the other hand, what value was Devine last game? If all he's doing is returning kicks with Guy, we may as well sit him, make Bratton the other returner, and either keep an extra reserve DB, or put in someone like Bowling or Huggins at receiver.

Problem is we played from behind the entire game and they crushed us at the line.

London better show something this week :twisted:

I agree they crushed us at the line. Otherwise, playing from behind wouldn't have been such an issue. OTOH, I still don't understand why Trestman didn't go to the quick passing game when it became apparent that we couldn't establish anything on the ground.

London better show something this week :twisted:
Absolutely. He had better elevate against Winnipeg or he could find himself cut loose in short order.

Maybe he gave up on the short passing game because our receivers were getting mauled and he wanted film to find out what is going on with his running game.

London happens to be held in high regard by Calvillo, so expect to see him for awhile.

The problem is London is too similar to Richardson and Green, they are all posession receivers. Bratton is a little faster, but still not that breakaway threat they need to get DBs from sitting on the short passing routes. I have Chris Williams and Samuel Giguere envy.

And then you have the whammy that the offense is so complicated it takes time to break in a new receiver.

The offense worries me more than the defense. The league has caught up to us after 4 yrs. We need a deep threat and slotback packages with Devine. Trestman has to get out of his West Coast comfort zone and start to be a little more creative.

But can we ? Can Calvillo be successful running anything else ? As for Calvillo, he likes tall receivers who are willing to put their body out to catch the ball. London better understand that quick orr he'll end up like Tom Cruise...

No reason A.C. cant run the zone read a couple of times a game to keep defenses honest if thats what it takes to win.

Like Tom Cruise ?!

Would (have) like to see AC dump to Whitaker in the short zone, similar to how Tate was doing with Cornish. As you said, keeps the D a little more honest.

Yeah AC will dump London like Katie dumped The Tom...