Miguel has a warning for Jeff Reinebold...

Miguel Bujold, who I consider the best and most supportive francophone reporter following the team writes a piece and comes straight at Reinebold. I think this is the strongest condemnation of the Als play I’ve ever read from Miguel and I can’t argue any of it.

I am paraphrasing but he says the pressure is squarely on Reinebold who’s made some big claims that the defense would be more physical and agressive. Yet the Al’s defense looked “retarded” on Sunday. That the walk better follow the talk or else he will have to call BS Reinebold’s talk.

He also questions what the released veterans on d were thinking watching this “spectacle”

I have a feeling that his defense better improve quickly or the press will get very bad for the team.

You can read the piece here.

[url=http://www.lapresse.ca/sports/football/201207/03/01-4540185-alouettes-la-pression-sur-jeff-reinebold.php]http://www.lapresse.ca/sports/football/ ... nebold.php[/url]

Would pay more attention to his comments if he had been at the game.


The press and the fans will likely not be very patient if there are a string of losses.

The Als have had good attendance up to now as well as decent press, but we have had an excellent football team for the last 13-14 years. I hope we can get things straightened out on all sides of the ball. There have been many changes in the off-season, and this is to be expected. To date, AC has been able to bounce back after a crappy game. I could give a list of other players who were off their mark as well but that list would be too long. So, I know there will be a lot of game video study this week and I hope our guys come out and execute the way we know they can.

Will the fans and the press understand and support the team through this? Certainly hope so!

Miguel is not a basher. So I respect his comments. I don't think you have to see the game live to comment. He is at the mercy of his employer for travel and such. But you see why Trestman did not want Reinebold making comments. Every little thing you say publicly now is picked up and can and will be used against you in times of trouble.

I don't have a problem with my team no matter where they end up in the standings but there is a sense that with the Lalonde firing and cutting some guys who were very,very popular public figures in Anwar, Etienne and Eric that there is not much wiggle room here.

The players need to come out with a lot of intensity on Friday if they "care" about their coaches and their situation. It is one thing to lose but another to be humiliated, which in many ways happened Sunday. They got a two game home stand to get their mojo back. I think they will.

Add to that that our coach hasn't yet announced his contract renewal..

The next couple games are very important for a lot of people IMO.

Gentlemen, gentlemen, lets not be up and down yo-yos like our city`s hockey fans.

Its [u]one[/u] game, new coaches, new system, new personnel, missing Bowman. I liked the play of our defensive backs and I saw players running to the ball. Its the CFL, you don`t have to peak the first game.

Reinebold did not devise this defense in isolation, there was input from all the coaches including Trestman. The d-line, LB co-ordination will improve.

Now one has to attend games to have an opinion
That's idiotic

The defense doesn't have to be lights-out right away. It just has to give fans hope by not getting humiliated, like it did against Calgary. So, be decent against the run at least. I'm not asking for 30 or fewer rushing yards for the other team, just limit first-down rushes and don't make a habit of letting the back rip off 8 yards before there's even an Als jersey in the picture. Next, look into this thing called a pass rush. Apparently, when you've got it, you can actually put pressure on the other team. Whoda thunk? Finally, operate at average efficiency on 2nd and long. Again, not asking you to generate pick-sixes every time. But a 2nd and long situation, by definition, favours the defense. You should be getting stops and getting off the field most of the time.

Don't be skurred Homie

I love the cfl. And Montreal is a large part of it. The league is far weaker without it.
I have lived through Montreal abandoning of the Expos , Als and Concorde.

If the “fans” will only support a champion what chance is there for long term survival.

Every franchise needs to hit a low point and still be able to survive without bailouts.

I just dont see that with the posters here if you are indicative or with history.

You will lose, you will finish last. Eventually. Then…?

Like Idealshelden, I agree that the play of Anderson, Parker and Brown was great.

I used my paper route money to pay for my Concorde tickets... Not sure what you are talking about "posters here". This thread is about how quickly the media could turn on the Als if the perception is that the mmanagement does not know what it is doing.

I agree, give this team time. I am confident Reinbold will impress us. The east looks like it's going to suck anyways to our great relief.

While no one has to attend games to express an opinion, I have more respect/pay more attention to a reporter/journaliste like Herb who attends all practices,all games. He's available 7 days a week. Since beginning of training camp and regular season,he probably has more stories than La Presse and Journal de Mtl combined; for La Presse,it is too expensive to travel to Calgary. Enough said and let Miguel express whatever he wants. I won't read him.

How many practices did Miguel attend during training camp? How many for Didier Ormejuste? They are the first to "critiquer" when anything is not 100%


As long as management doesn't go and retire number 15 for Vince Ferragamo, it's good in my book.

Frankly. . . you totally missed his point. He did NOT say, nor did he imply, that one has to attend games to be entitled to an opinion. He said he'd only pay more attention to this pundit's opinion if he had been at the game. Not the same thing at all.

People are embarrassing themselves all over the place tonight
You might want to re-think that one…if possible

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"Now we see the violence inherent in the system
Come and see the violence inherent in the system
Help, help...I'm being repressed"

I have a lot of concerns about the D but Miguel is really jumping the gun. Does the team not have more than a one-game grace period before reporters start sounding alarm bells? I respect Miguel’s work in general but this feels like a reporter who can’t separate his attachment to players who were released from fair coverage of the Als.

While I agree...the Alouettes defence could begin to dominate from Friday...

I think this thread was aptly named

While the coaches and gm's have every right to pursue their vision of what they ultimately expect the team to be
Cavalier expungeing of players...especially "culturally significant" players like Boulay has it's risks
You do it at your own peril...and better be prepared to face the consequence if your justifications turn out to be "blabla" as Miguel puts it.

Just another charming aspect of this great Canadian passtime.


Fair enough, and I’m sure Trestman & co. knew the risks when they decided on the new system and cut those veterans loose. But the quickest way to build a loser is to keep players around for reasons other than their performance on the field. Boulay barely played for us last year, due to concussion, and hasn’t really been an impact player on defense since 2007. Regardless of the drubbing we took against Calgary, I don’t think anyone can argue that we’re a better team with Hebert at safety. He was a force at the line, helping out in run support and on the safety blitz, and it’s worth noting that we were rarely beaten deep with Hebert at safety. He certainly wasn’t the reason we lost, and in fact was one of the better players on the field, along with Parker, Anderson, and Brown.

It’s also worth noting that apart from Hecht, who’s currently on Calgary’s PR, and McElveen, who hasn’t exactly shone in Hamilton, no one we released has caught on with another team yet. Wilson retired, and Stewart, Ferri, Guzman, and Boulay are still unemployed.