"Mightypope" .... at the Dump

'Cat supporter 'Mightypope' graced BC Place and our tailgate

Way to be Larry ... you almost got your team a "W"

Hope to see you again at Grey Cup

:thup: :rockin: :thup:

Larry is a great guy. One of my very favourite people.

Don't let him hear that BHG, you KNOW what will happen... :twisted:

Yes Ritch, I had a great time on the left coast. The B.C. Lions fans are probably some of the nicest fans I've ever met at a visiting stadium. Wearing a Ticat jersey in enemy territory is just asking for catcalls but I never received a single jeer. The only thing I heard was from an old timer sitting next to me who told me he will never forgive Angelo Mosca for hitting Willie Fleming in the 1963 Grey Cup....lol. It was a very close game which was way more than I ever expected. Nice meeting you Ritch and your fellow Lion tailgaters.

I arrived late to the Shark Club and late to the game. I'm very sorry I missed the hospitality.

I will be out next year and this time, no Shark Club just tailgate.

Keep up the good work!

You too Jare

...and Mosca's hit was not really late, mightypope ..... but Willie did make him famous


Shark club is awesome. Was there in '96. Great time!