Mighty Eskimos

WOW! What a great game! And the Esks got it done despite the RIders having the refs in their pocket.

There must have been at least 5000-7000 Rider fans at the game. A couple hundred in my section. All were good sports even though they had to leave the stadium with their heads hanging low.

52300+ in attendance.

Good game RIders, knock off Calgary so we can host a playoff game vs you guys in November.

Excellent on the win.....I'm looking forward to a playoff game with you.....they are always intense.....

attendance was actually 53,000 something. Great, exciting game, reffing was pretty poor imo. Can't wait to hopefully play you guys in the playoffs.

Edmonton/Sask Grey Cup is all we can hope for now...

...may your post title shoul've been "Mighty Ordinary Eskimos".........there was a lot more to be worried about than to be glib about.......

Judging from the stands 5 minutes before the game I figured there is no way they will get the esttimated 50,000

thats what i thought too, but then it just filled out suddenly 5 or 10 mins into the game. they even had to remove the tarp from the endzone seats b/c the rest was basically full.

It was a pretty good game, but there were a bunch of key dropped passes....i know hervey had one or two droped and then gaylor had a couple too.... tucker.... good game for ray and davis though. i'm surprised they didnt get into the ednzone before the end of the game.... their d did a great job of keeping us out... and a good part is that fleming is back! 4-4. good job buddy. centenial cup is in loyminster lol. i find that funny and a good idea. see you guys in the playoffs.

Hervey has looked pretty craptacular since his return.