Mighty Casey

There was ease in Casey's manner as he stepped into his place;
There was pride in Casey's bearing and a smile on Casey's face.
And when, responding to the cheers, he lightly doffed his lid,
No stranger in the crowd could doubt the Lion's #1 kid..
27,000 were transfixed as Jacques transmitted the play
The throng were very hopeful mighty Casey would save the day!
The ball was snapped, he turned to see Receivers everywhere,
But all he saw was Allouettes, and 'gulped' in great despair.
"Will he steer the ship next week?", you ask;
or "Will Travis get a shot?"
Who knows? Stay tuned! You never know!
We've just thickened the plot!

good one. :rockin:

was just wondering the same. I think they let Lulay play. Printers is clearly hurt and if he can't scramble,the why not.

Very good PastaSteve. Very good. Sounds almost cryptic…like you were cryptically suggesting that it would be “poetic justice” that Lulay starts next week. It just might be.

If Lulay starts next week we can que up another QB conterversy.

If due to injury, no, if due to performance, yes.

both, Casey is not a good quarterback and gets injured a lot, get rid of him, if they start him against Toronto, i am selling my season tickets ( seriously) i am not watching this crap all year.

Lulay should have been the starter from training camp, signing printer was a MISTAKE, are you hear me Wally.

Printers is done as a starting quarterback, maybe a good back up, but that is it.

ok so where are all you Casey Lovers that posted last year.. oh Casey will be our saving .. Casey will take us to the Grey Cup... I don't see posts.why.. cause he is Casey and he had one year. Wally made a mistake .. we should have kept Buck. So where do we go... Travis or JJ... maybe Kyle Parish.. but Casey will never be the one.. he is like Kerry Joseph.. hot and cold. Hey so GeroySimonFan.. have not heard from you.. as a Casey lover.


Much as I have to agree with you about Printers being hot and cold I think you're putting far too much weight on the QB when you wonder where the Lions go from here eg: Travis, JJ or perhaps Parish. Go back to the Montreal/Lions game a few weeks ago. Lulay wasn't able to do any better than Printers. Why? Because of the porous O line. I keep saying this. Add to that, all the passes that were being dropped where Printers threw right on the money and there's more to the picture than Printers' temperature. Maybe he is another Kerry Joseph. You may have a very valid point.

In my opinion the Lions could have Durant or Calvillo or Ray at the helm and I'm not convinced the outcome would be much different. I remember when Jarious was a starter. At times he was hot and cold and threw like a loose cannon. His play was reminiscent of Printers style.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not defending Printers. Maybe some of the hype last year was because at one point the Lions went through 4 QBs all in the same game. Go figure. Jackson went down. Lulay went down. Pierce was down and Champion just did not have the experience. But it's like Wally himself said. The Lions are in the business of selling hope. Wally's own words! To many, Printers is hope. For some he no longer is. For others, they're not so sure anymore.

Personally I think Printers is an asset to the team, not a detriment. Would he be more successful if the O line gave him better protection? I think so. If you saw the game between Edmonton and Saskatchewan you would have seen the kind of protection Edmonton's O line gave Ray against the same Roughies that demolished the Lions' O line. He certainly can't be faulted for passes that should have been caught or balls being fumbled.

Whether Printers should still be the starter is another question especially if he's not 100%. I think Lulay should be give the chance to prove himself a starter and what he's capable of doing. But again, I'm not crossing my fingers regardless of who starts until the O line can give the protection it needs and doesn't continue taking stupid procedure penalties

Casey took a lot of big hits delivering the ball and stayed right in there and wouldn't let coach pull him which is about all you can ask of someone. He is an interesting peronality at this point in his career and I think we are getting all he has to offer right now.

I doubt it. He may not be the same QB he was a few years ago but I'm sure he is far better than this. He isn't getting help from the O-line much, the running game is basically dead and he still may be injured. Now, if the O-line was good, we had a functional running game and he was healthy and still passing 50% then I would totally agree.

yeah - just meant he looks like hes digging deep as he can under the present circumstances which is a good time to see how he/we handle adversity.

Even though I've never liked CP, I think it's a little shortsighted to blame everything on him. Football games have and have always been won by the linemen. Once our O-Line figures things out we'll have a whole different offence. - But yes I would hope that Lulay is the one guiding that new offence. If this is to be a throw-away year lets get him some experience.

And as Leofan said, I too am wondering where all of the Casey-lovers have been. Not just now but since the start of camp I haven't seen them around.

I agree, half the posters were planning the Grey Cup parade when they signed Printers last year. :roll: :roll: :roll:

Its the same old Printers, forced the ball and BANG! Interception. When he 's hot he's very good, but most of the time, he's not, scrambling around, forcing the ball into tight coverage. Combine that with the worst Offensive Coordinator in the league (Chapdelaine) and our Offense is pretty bad.

Wally, wake up! Chapedelaine has got to go! Dump Printers, use the free'd up salary to get a Lineman, and start Lulay.

He didn't have one year, it was half a season, that's it. Look at his performance since that half season. He FAILED to make it in the NFL, he FAILED misserably in Hamilton, he won 1 game for BC last year and he's 1-2 this season. Add it all up and it shows that Casey is NOT a good QB, Besides Buck Pierce has better career numbers than Printers.

"Besides Buck Pierce has better career numbers than Printers"~ dickensonrules

Not sure what your point is. Are you saying it was a mistake to let Pierce go? As competitive and tenacious an athlete as he is it was getting to the point that whenever he went down after being tackled he either had his bell rung and had to leave or he wrenched his shoulder and had to leave. Doesn't matter what his career numbers were like, it came down to whether or not he could stay in the game long enough to improve them.

He's doing better in Winnipeg but how long that will last is anyone's guess. My guess is that the next time poor Buck Pierce gets his bell rung he will be out indefinitely. Let's hope it does not happen.

Re: Printers. Casey, has had 3 games to show his stuff. But I've said it many times, you could rotate Calvillo, Durant and Ricky Ray or even Houdini himself at QB for the Lions and I don't think the results would be any different. When Printers got knocked out of the game a few games ago, {was it against Saskatchewan?], he was doing well and moving the ball. His O Line wasn't exactly up for an Oscar when it came to giving him the protection he needed. It appeared to me that the O LIne kept getting hammered by Saskatchewan. Now, some of you guys figure that because it was Printers scrambling for his life in such situations that there in lies the problem. Well......when Lulay stepped in for Printers he didn't do any better.

Last year Printers started the last 3 games. The Lions would have beaten Saskatchewan had it not been for Printer's brain cramp. But how many key passes has Printers made and his receivers have dropped the ball? How many running plays were executed only to see the runner cough up the ball? How many second and longs has Printers been able to convert by doing the running himself?

The Lions should have won the game against Montreal. It was ours to win- or to lose. Go back and review why we lost the game and how we lost it. Had we won the game it would be interesting to hear what the critics would say. Would they be patting Printers on the back for beating the Grey Cup champions or would they be saying the Lions were lucky and caught Montreal on a bad day?

I'm all for starting Lulay next game or rotating the QBs but not because of incompetence on Printers' part. Quite frankly I don't know why they don't do that a little more often just to mix things up a little. But I really think some of you guys put too much emphasis on the QB. Printers has screwed up for sure at times and yes he is hot and cold but so have his team mates messed up- big time. They will be the first to admit that.

I thought the o line did ok against the Als, I thought Casey held on to his reads to long, his third read , which is like something real close [last shot dump pass] has gone by already then the recievers are all improvising. Here's hoping Lulay's first start is a good one. :thup: