Might the Lions take it all?

The Lions have a good shot at winning it all this year. It's possible but is it probable? They will be revved up this Sunday when they play the Bombers in BC Place stadium and I'm expecting a Lions victory. I'm willing to bet they'll play harder than they have ever played. Can they pull out a victory against the Bombers? It won't be a cake walk.

What could win it for the Lions this Sunday? Pin point passing. No foolish interceptions. A healthy run game. No fumbles. bla bla bla.

The big question though is, can the Lions beat Calgary and do it in Calgary? The Stamps look unbeatable this year. Their record speaks volumes. I think the Lions can give the Stamps a run for their money but talent wise the Stamps are superior and should make it into the Grey Cup and win it all. I believe they will unless Mitchell comes out flat which he has been known to do. Also a Stamp's key injury here and there could give the Lions the edge. I'm not hoping to see players get injured of course but the reality is that key missing players can change things quickly.

I understand why you are jumping ahead to a possible Stamps/BC match-up.

But I sincerely hope the team has not. Winnipeg can be a very dangerous team.

I think the BC media and others are in danger of over confidence for this one. My understanding is that the Lions have not been as focused as Buono wanted them to be in practice. Lets get through the Bombers.

I can assure you the Lions are not overconfident.
Neither should fans or media.
Not to a team they lost 2 x .

BTW, I think that will be to the Lions advantage.
Hard to beat the same team 3 x.
They for sure will make the right adjustments.

As for the Stamps, the 3 week break could have them off their game.
Plus their last 2 games, they have not looked sharp.

Yet, gotta get past the Bombs first.


I hope you're right. But the few that seem interested in the Lions out here ( most football fans I've talked to seem more interested in the Seahawks/Pats game) are talking about the Lions upsetting the Stamps the following week. Just hope the players aren't buying into that.


What a great CFL semi-final. At the beginning it seemed that Jennings had a death wish after throwing an interception and then coughing up the ball himself.

At one time in the game the score was 25-6 in favor of Winnipeg. Like many others I thought it was going to be a Winnipeg slaughter. How do you come back from a 25-6 deficit the way the Bombers were playing? Nicholls was incredible with his passing and Harris appeared unstoppable.

Jennings appeared like he was on a mission. He knew he dug a deep hole for the Lions when he threw that early interception and then fumbled the ball himself. Kudos for effort and heart but that alone won't win too many games. Alas, the young fellow made up for it by scoring two TDs himself!

And what a come from behind victory! :thup:

I still wonder though.... With 27 seconds remaining and the way Winnipeg had dominated the game, why try a 61 yard FG? Even Medlock knew it was out of his range. I think the Bombers had a better chance of converting 3rd and 4 with 27 seconds left than to try a 61 yarder. Mind you Medlock's kick was as straight as an arrow. It just fell short. A 3rd and 4 converted would have gotten the Bombers within range. Thank goodness the Bombers' coach made the decision he made. For the Lions it was the right decision.

And kudos to the Lions for not getting a penalty on the FG attempt. That too would have put Medlock within range.

Now it is onto Calgary. Based on the Stamps' record they are the favorites but I think the Lions have a better than good chance of pulling this one off. If Mitchell is not right on his game that will help.

I do hope Aceneaux will play on Sunday. He is one of the Lions' premier receivers!

While I hope Manny is able to play as well, I am not sure he will be healthy enough.

It's not the concussion I am worried about (which he says he never sustained). It's his ankle.

You can't have your top receiver hobbling around on a sprained ankle. While I appreciate that he wants to "tough it out," we'd be better off activating WR Douglas McNeil from the PR. Calgary's secondary will be jumping Arceneaux's routes if he's only at 50% - 60%. Better to rest him for Grey Cup (if we're fortunate enough to make it through).