Might be gone a while.

Hi all;
Just wanted to let all my fellow CFL fans know that I might not be checking in here as regularly as I have been.
Saturday night I was admitted to the hospital with an aggrivated hernia which happened at work on Thursday. I will be having an operation to correct it Monday August 8th.
Doctors say that I will be on my back recovering for at least the first two weeks, and probably won’t want to do anything but sleep.
Definetly not how I expected my weekend to turn out!
My computer is a laptop, so I will try to set it up where I’ll be resting, and at least make my picks each week for BigDaves V.G.C.C. But…depending on my pain factor I may or may not stay on very long.
That’s it for now, wish me luck! :frowning:

Good luck Geo! All my best wishes for you, I too havent been and cant post for a while, due to a family emergency, but i should be back around the 12th i hope.. anyway, thats beside the point, best of luck geo.

Crappy deal, geo - my daughter had an operation for strangulated hernia back in April - she's only 2-1/2, and the recovery was rough (sorry to break it to you!). I wish you all the best - be sure to let us know when you're feeling better!

All the best geo. If you can get to a laptop people might even be able to ...... whats the word im looking for ..... type-cast? (couldn't find it) the games for you.

Thanks milkman...although as long as I can see my tv I should be able to watch games. It's just going to depend on how I feel.

Just make sure you don't get another one while getting up to look at the tv. :slight_smile: jk

LOL...Good point

Geo- Wish they had used Hernias at Canadian Tire but no luck there- I checked! Take care and follow the nurses orders!!!!!!


good luck guy....time to have a little rest and CONCENTRATE ON WHAT REALLY COUNTS...FOOTBALL.....HAVE A SPEEDY RECOVERY...

Take it easy.
All the best

Best Wishes for a speedy, and easy, recovery! Hope all goes well, buddy! I'll be thinking of you!

hope u have a fast recovery and best wishes

HEY man.............take care and get well............listen to your doc.......

all the power of healing towards you.

Take good care geo365 and make sure you get well soon. We need our American CFL buddy back soon.

That's a real kick in the hernia, 90210...all the best "Buckeye Bill"!

Take care Geo. We'll miss you.

However, now that you are on the huddle's injury reserve, we have a free spot for another import poster. Quick. Let's find a new guy and get him to learn our playbook!

No way! Don’t you pay attention to “drumming god”? We should just automatically start whining about how he is not here and now there is no way we can replace him and if he was here we would have the best site but because we don’t have him posting it’s all “watered down” and probably not even worth reading.

Hope things work out for you regarding the emergency, and thanks for the good luck wishes.

didnt you have the hernia surgery yesterday, geo? i thought you wouldnt be here?

Surprise,surprise!!!! One day after surgery (and a very rough night last night) I turned a corner at noon today and am getting around pretty well for feeling like I was put through a wood chipper!

Surgery went well and they patched me up like an old wood lathe house!

Basing it on how I feel right now it looks like recovery may be quicker then originally thought (lets hope so) :slight_smile: